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Amateur Radio Newsline Report Number 2077 with a release date of Friday, August 18, 2017 to follow in 5-4-3-2-1.

The following is a QST. Disappointing news for shortwave fans in Australia. A special plea for QSL cards for a very ill youngster in Michigan -- and we meet a ham with a VERY high-flying antenna! All this and more as Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2077 comes your way right now.




NEIL/ANCHOR: Our top story comes from Australia. For a while hope was still alive for some radio listeners after the Australia Broadcasting Corporation pulled the plug on its shortwave service. Not anymore, however. With that update, here's John Williams VK4JJW.

JOHN'S REPORT: There will be no restoration of shortwave service for the Australia Broadcasting Corporation. The Australian senate has voted down a measure that would have put the transmissions back on the air.

South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon was among those who fought for Radio Australia to go back on the air, following its termination in January. He called the shutdown a foreign policy failure, noting that a number of Pacific Island communities in remote areas, such as the Solomon Islands and Papua, New Guinea, relied on it. The transmissions covered remote parts of northern Australia as well.

At the time the service termination was announced, the ABC declared shortwave to be outdated and indicated its closure would save $1.9 million which could be better spent on additional content and services to customers. It said it would reinvest that sum by expanding audience content and services.

For Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm John Williams VK4JJW.




NEIL/ANCHOR: Do you need another reason to go back to Dayton so soon after Hamvention? Well, there's a big event happening in September at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and volunteer hams are needed. We hear more about it from Phil Thomas W8RMJ, who shares this report courtesy of Amateur News Weekly.

PHIL THOMAS: The U.S. Air Force Marathon is rapidly approaching. Approximately 65 radio operators will be needed to support the marathon on Saturday Sept. 16 at Dayton Ohio's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. This world class event has over 25 thousand participants, volunteers and spectators in attendance each year. This will also be the 70th anniversary for the U.S. Air Force, which was formed on Sept. 18, 1947. If you are a technician or higher class amateur and would like to help or if you have questions, contact Dave Crawford KF4KWW lead amateur volunteer via email at

NEIL/ANCHOR: That was Phil Thomas W8RMJ of Amateur News Weekly. For more news in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana area, visit their website at amateurnewsweekly-dot-com (



NEIL/ANCHOR: Things are heating up in the province of Ontario where voting is beginning for the selection of a new regional director. Jeremy Boot G4NJH has more.

JEREMY: Balloting has opened to elect a new director for the Ontario South Region of the Radio Amateurs of Canada. The two candidates are Philip McBride, VA3QR/VA3KPJ and Igor Slakva, VE3ZF/VA3YDX. Ballots should be returned by regular mail to RAC Headquarters by noon on Friday, September 15. The address is: RAC Corporate Secretary, Radio Amateurs of Canada, 720 Belfast Road, Suite 217, Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5

Philip is an IT consultant who has been an RAC member for 14 years and has been active in emergency communications planning for amateur radio. He is a member of the Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System. Igor is a network analyst and an RAC member who is an active DXpeditioner and contester. For a more detailed bio on both candidates visit the RAC website at wp-dot-rac-dot-ca (

Meanwhile, RAC volunteers are in the process of sending ballot papers out to the membership in Canada.

For Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Jeremy Boot G4NJH.




NEIL/ANCHOR: Paying for a DXpedition can be as big a deal as the DXpedition itself - but the radio operators heading next year to Bouvet Island just got a major boost. Jason Daniels VK2LAW tells us more.

JASON'S REPORT: Never mind what the calendar says - 2018 just got a whole lot closer for the Bouvet Island Dxpedition team 3Y0Z. The hams just received a $100,000 grant - the largest ever given by the Northern California DX Foundation - for their ambitious undertaking early next year.

The international team has been active on seven continents and, with a fundraising goal of $740,500, is looking to have its operators activate what some have called the world's most isolated island, one thousand miles north of Antarctic, where 97 percent of its surface is covered in ice. The team has already gotten support from the German DX Foundation, the Eastern Iowa DX Association, the Twin City DX Association and the Greater Milwaukee DX Association, among numerous others.

Bouvet Island, which has had a handful of activations, is presently the second most wanted entity on the DXCC list.

Expecting limited support from its ship, and operating at a high elevation, the team writes on its website [quote]: "This place will challenge our comfort zone." [endquote]

It will also challenge the world's amateurs who will key their mics and and hope for the best.

For Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Jason Daniels VK2LAW.




NEIL/ANCHOR: A gathering of amateurs and radio enthusiasts in Great Britain in October is going to be two events in one. Jeremy Boot G4NJH tells us about what's planned.

JEREMY'S REPORT: When the Radio Society of Great Britain holds its annual convention at the Kents Hill Park Conference Centre in Milton Keynes in October it will share the spotlight with the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium. That is expected to bring a bonus of speakers focused on AMSAT-UK activities. The subjects will include the recent International Space Station contact with the Youngers on the Air activation at Gilwell Park. There will also be a talk by ISS Amateur Radio Project Engineer Kenneth Ransom N5VHO who will cover almost anything and everything about the ARISS program.

A presentation on amateur satellites will be given by David Johnson G4DPZ who will give tips on how hams can get started. Open Source software-defined radio will be discussed by Alexandru Csete, OZ9AEC.

Both the RSGB and AMSAT-UK will be holding dinners on Saturday, October 14th, each catering to their own groups. The two-day event concludes on the 15th of October.

For more details, visit the website at amsat-hyphen-uk-dot-org-slash-colloquium (

For Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Jeremy Boot G4NJH


NEIL/ANCHOR: Like most of the rest of North America, if not the world, we are awaiting reports on the impact of the sun, Earth and moon's alignment for a few moments on Monday, Aug. 21. A number of amateur radio teams will be experimenting with transmission everywhere, from operators at the new Texas Museum of Broadcasting & Communications in Texas to the Great American Eclipse Special Events Station W4E, in the center of the eclipse's path, during the Eclipse QSO Party.

All eyes - carefully shielded, of course - will be looking toward a sun that isn't there - for a few moments, anyway.

Find information before, during and after at and be listening for results.




Time to identify your station. We are the Amateur Radio Newsline heard on bulletin stations around the world including the K7TMF repeater on Fridays at 5 p.m. local time in Spokane, Washington - right in the Zone of Totality for this year's solar eclipse.



NEIL/ANCHOR: A critically ill little boy in Michigan has just inspired a new reason to send QSL cards. In this case the cards don't confirm a successful contact - they hopefully can initiate one. This is a QST from Christian Cudnik K0STH, host of the 100 Watts and a Wire podcast, - and he explains why he's reaching out:

CHRISTIAN: Oakley is a 6-year-old little boy from Alma Michigan that I ‘ve never met. He was born with a rare birth defect called Prune Belly Syndrome. It’s so rare his future is unknown. As a parent, it’s the unthinkable.

His story surfaces in a flood of news that focuses on things that divide us.

On September 3rd,  Oakley turns 7.  With all of the challenges in his life, all he is asking for is birthday cards. Mom says receiving mail keeps him busy and it makes him happy.

I am asking the amateur radio community to repurpose their QSL cards. Normally, we send cards after a contact. Let’s use them as birthday cards and do something that’s positive for a little boy and a family that really needs it right now.

We all want a better future for our children. Maybe this simple act can help us get closer to the things that bring us together, and maybe… he’ll write back!

NEIL/ANCHOR: Thank you, Christian. To send a QSL card and some cheer to Oakley you can write him at Oakley Savickas, P.O. Box 201, Alma, Michigan, U.S.A. 48801.


NEIL/ANCHOR: Ham radio operators of all ages went into an Ohio forest recently, where they found transmitters - and a new group of worldwide friends.  For the story, here's ARRL's ARDF Coordinator Joe Moell (MELL) K-zero-O-V.

JOE'S REPORT: They came from all over the USA, plus Australia, Canada, Germany and Ukraine.  They ranged in age from 13 through 75.  They took to the courses with eagerness and many went home with medals.  I'm talking about the Seventeenth USA National Championships of Amateur Radio Direction Finding (that's ARDF), which took place near Harrison, Ohio from August 3 through 6.  The 4,000-acre Miami Whitewater Forest and other nearby wooded sites attracted over eighty fans of the sport, which is also called foxtailing and radio-orienteering.

Rules for ARDF competitions are established by the IARU.  The object is always to find as many of the required transmitters as possible in the shortest time and then navigate to the finish line, using only one's own direction-finding equipment plus a compass and the provided map.  There were classic competitions on separate days on the two-meter and 80-meter bands with up to five transmitters to find.  Course lengths, from start to each required transmitter and then to the finish, ranged from 2.8 to 7.1 kilometers, depending on the age/gender category of the participant.

Organizing and staging these championships were members of the OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society.  Additional volunteers were members of Orienteering Cincinnati (OCIN), which also provided the event maps.

Competitors in all events were divided into six age categories for males and five for females, with medals awarded to winners in each category.  The four championship events were preceded by three days of informal training in other nearby parks.

USA's national championships are open, meaning that radio-orienteers from other countries are welcome on the courses.  These visitors compete for individual medals in a separate division.  This year, that division included approximately forty middle- and high-school students from southern China, along with some instructors and parents.

Complete results of all events in these Championships are available online in at  Many photos are being posted at, where there is also much more information about the growing sport of ARDF.  That's homingin, as one word,

Plans are already under way for next year's national championships.  They are expected to take place in early June, in time for selection of ARDF Team USA, which will travel to Korea for the 19th ARDF World Championships in September 2018.  Team members will be selected from the best of USA's performers at the 2017 and 2018 USA Championships.

For Amateur Radio Newline, this is Joe Moell, K-zero-O-V.



NEIL/ANCHOR: Barely two months after this summer's Boys Scouts of America Jamboree, scouts around the world are preparing for even more QSOs. We have those details from Ed Durrant DD5LP.

ED'S REPORT: Scouts in South Africa await their turn for a jamboree experience, which will come on the weekend of October 20th through 22nd. Their participation in the worldwide scouting event promises to pack some extra promise this year. Based on last year's statistics in South Africa, the 2016 Jamboree saw the number of young licensees in South Africa rise by a dramatic 400 percent. Those statistics were released by Richard Hooper ZS6RKE, the National JOTA/JOTI Coordinator for Scouts South Africa, who will be accepting South African registration for the event in just another week or so.

Over the next few weeks Scout organizers are encouraged to plan to host events and to participate.  Those young radio operators will be in good company on the air and online. The worldwide event is marking 60 years of connections and at least 1 million youngsters representing more than 150 nations will be involved.Richard asks that anyone in South Africa with questions about organizing, or simply assisting, to contact him directly via email at richard-dot-hooper-at-scouts-dot-org-dot-za. (

For Amateur Radio Newsline this is Ed Durrant DD5LP.



Doug, W6HB, will be active as E51DLD between Aug. 27 and Sept. 8 from Rarotonga Island. Listen for Doug on 160-10 meters using SSB. He will be operating holiday style. Send QSLs via his home callsign. He only wants QSL cards, no LoTW, no eQSLs or logs.

In French Polynesia, listen for Heinz, DF1YP, operating as FO/DF1YP from Moorea Island between September 6th and October 1st. Activity will be holiday style and on 20/17/15 meters using SSB and the Digital modes. Send QSLs via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau, which is preferred.

Listen for a pair of South African operators in the Sani Pass area of Lesotho until the 21st of August. They are using the callsigns 7P8VRR and 7P8QM and operating on 40, 20 and 15m.

In Samoa, be listening for Bert CX3AN between the 19th and 26th of August. His callsign is 5W0HA and he is on 40 and 30m CW and 20 and 17m SSB. QSLs go via his home call.



NEIL/ANCHOR: We end this week's report with this story of a ham in the British Isles who likes to get his signal out no matter which way the wind is blowing. That's because Nigel Utting GJ7LJJ [Gee-Jay-Seven-Ell-Jay-Jay), sometimes uses a portable kite antenna so if the wind is blowing it takes his wire straight into the sky. Clearly his antenna doesn't fly as high as the signals he hopes to be transmitting but recently the Jersey-based ham got a little extra on-air help: He became part of a televised broadcast report by ITV news weather presenter Sophia Bird. She interviewed him as part of her five-day forecast and asked about his kite antenna.

Nigel told her that on that particular day, he was able to copy plenty of other stations but wasn't really having a good day getting his signal out. Think again, Nigel! In those few moments, everyone who was tuned into ITV News knew exactly who you were - and gave you and your kite antenna a 5 and 9.



NEWSCAST CLOSE: With thanks to Alan Labs; Amateur News Weekly; the ARRL; CQ Magazine; Hap Holly and the Rain Report; Irish Radio Transmitters Society; ITV News; the Kilgore, Texas News Herald; Ohio Penn DX Bulletin; Scouts South Africa; Southgate Amateur Radio News; Ted Randall's QSO Radio Show; Radio Amateurs of Canada; Radio New Zealand; WTWW Shortwave; and you our listeners, that's all from the Amateur Radio Newsline. Please send emails to our address at More information is available at Amateur Radio Newsline's only official website located at

For now, with Caryn Eve Murray, KD2GUT, at the news desk in New York, and our news team worldwide, I'm Neil Rapp WB9VPG in Bloomington, Indiana saying 73 and as always we thank you for listening.

Amateur Radio Newsline(tm) is Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX #1310 18 Aug 2017

[TopNews Logo]

compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALASKA   11885  QSL KNLS - the New Life Station verified an electronic
report with a full data "Greetings from KNLS" card in 56days postmarked
from Nashville, TN.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

ANTARCTIC  {ARGENTINE}   15475.97 kHz  LRA36
via remote Brazil SDR installation of
PY2GN e PY2PE from Pardinho, SP - Brazil.  Grid: GG56tv

Two items/LRA - 36 and Euro Station 6160 [2 Attachments]
much weaker tonight  though


access to websdr


listen to the recording of 19.43 UT on Aug 8.


Mostly S=5-6 signal, scratchy noisy signal.
set the SDR to Manual Gain -97dB, audio volume 45%. 73 wb df5sx
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 8)

ANTARTICA ARGENTINA   Estimado Senor/ra:

Nos dirigimos a Usted para mostrarle nuestro mas sentido agradecimiento
por su atencion y tiempo que ha dedicado a la escucha de nuestra Emisora
Radial "LRA 36 Arcangel San Gabriel".

Desde el Continente Blanco "ANTARTIDA ARGENTINA" le damos un cordial

Jefe de Base Esperanza/Director de LRA 36:  Mayor Noel ALBIERO
Conductora    - de "ESPERANZA AL MUNDO":    Sra Carla FASSIO
Co-conductora - de "ESPERANZA AL MUNDO":    Sarg Ay Adriana MARTINEZ
Encargado de la Emisora LRA 36 /
Operador Tecnico.:                          Subof Pr Guillermo MAMANI.
("Operador Emisora LRA 36"  <lra36 -at->  hcdx Aug 15)

Enviado: Lunes, 06 de Marzo de 2017 04:21 p.m.
Para: Hugo Lopez CE3BBC, Cc:  <lra36 -at->

ANTARCTICA  Yes Hugo, on March 3 nothing heard/visible in 15476 kHz range
But today I see a very TINY S=1 string here in Europe on exact
15475.972 kHz channel at 1905 UT on March 06,
seemingly the Argentine Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel,
Base Esperanza shortwave station signal.

But LRA36 only deep under threshold level,
sorry no chance in Europe tonight, to listen any program details.

73 wolfie  df5sx
wwdxc europe

From: "Hugo Lopez CE3BBC"  <ce3bbc -at->
Sent: Monday, March 06, 2017

ANTARTICA ARGENTINA   15.475.95 kHz at 18.02 UT Radio Nacional Arcangel
San Gabriel, Base Esperanza. 35433. Today, Monday, March 6, the reception
is quite acceptable, audible and with identification of announcers, which
makes presumed that they will continue to be in charge of the broadcasts,
the wives of the staff of the base. They mention in the space "Hope to the
world", that this afternoon there is enough sun.
Also your e-mail  <lra36 -at->

Last Friday, March 3, there was no broadcast, so we hope that this week
there will be no interruption and programming will continue.

I hope some distant listener can tune in and share in this list his
experience of receiving Antarctica.
CE3BBC  -  Hugo Lopez C., Santiago de Chile  (hcdx March 6)

ANTARCTICA   15476, LRA 36 QSL letter and card.  LRA 36, Radio Nacional
Arcangel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza, received e-mail from the station
with a Thank you letter and a card, in a PFD file, for a reception report
send via e-mail to the Station on 01 March 2017,
address:  <lra36 -at->

"Estimado Senor/ra: MANUEL MENDEZ - LUGO - ESPANA
Nos dirigimos a Usted para mostrarle nuestro mas sentido agradecimiento
por su atencion y tiempo que ha dedicado a la escucha de nuestra Emisora
Radial "LRA 36 Arcangel San Gabriel. Desde el Continente Blanco "ANTARTIDA
ARGENTINA" le damos un cordial saludo.

Jefe de Base Esperanza/Director de LRA 36: Mayor Noel ALBIERO
Conductora    - de "ESPERANZA AL MUNDO":   Sra Carla FASSIO
Co-conductora - de "ESPERANZA AL MUNDO":   Sarg Ay Adriana MARTINEZ
Encargado de la Emisora LRA 36/
Operador Tecnico.:                         Subof Pr Guillermo MAMANI"

And a card of the Station with its name, frequency address and picture
of Base Esperanza.

V/S Mayor Noel Albierto, Jefe de la Base Antartida Esperanza.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, hcdx Aug 15)

Two items/LRA - 36 and Euro Station 6160 [2 Attachments]

Hi Glenn
Just FYI, I was able to hear LRA36 yesterday {Aug 4}, from about 1933 UT
tune in, using the Kiwi SDR at Paradinho, Brazil. Attaching a short mp3
here for you. Quite a thrill to be able to hear it after all these years.

Signal degraded rapidly after about the 2000 UT mark. And of course, no
chance with "regular" receivers, including the NRD545/JRC, attached to my
Wellbrook, with high noise levels and mid-summer conditions generally.

Also, - don't know if you have reported this but the new Euro station

{from Winsen-Aller-Celle Germany, village Geo.Coordinates are approx.
52 40 50.0 N  09 54 31.0 E  }

that was heavily promoted as beginning test transmissions on 6160/3975 kHz
was heard today {Aug 5}, using Enschede Twente University web-SDR. Also
attaching mp3 of that. I heard them just prior to their 2100 UT shut down.
No name of the station was mentioned, just "6160, Europe's Newest Voice on
Shortwave" with longish test tones then back to a music loop with IDs.
(Dan Robinson-DC-USA, dxld Aug 5)

Attachment(s) from Glenn Hauser, 2 of 2 File(s)

websdr_recording_start_2017-08-05T19-26-59Z_6160.0kHz Cut one.mp3 :


and 6160 kHz recording:

(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 8)

ARMENIA   Upcoming frequency change of TWR India via Yerevan Gavar
eff. August 13

1245-1445 NF9910 ERV 300 kW 100 deg SoAS various langs, ex 12055kHz

ERV  9910 1245 1300 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1   1       SANTHALI
ERV  9910 1245 1300 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1         7 KUI
ERV  9910 1245 1315 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1    23456  MAITHILI
ERV  9910 1300 1315 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1   1       MAITHILI
ERV  9910 1300 1315 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1         7 HO
ERV  9910 1315 1330 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1   123     MARWARI
ERV  9910 1315 1330 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1      4    MEWARI
ERV  9910 1315 1330 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1       56  MAGHAI
ERV  9910 1315 1330 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1         7 BENGALI
ERV  9910 1330 1345 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1   1       BRAJ BHASHA
ERV  9910 1330 1345 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1    2      KHARIA
ERV  9910 1330 1345 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1     3     KASHMIRI
ERV  9910 1330 1345 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1      4    SADRI
ERV  9910 1330 1345 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1       5   BONDO
ERV  9910 1330 1345 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1        6  HARYANVI
ERV  9910 1330 1345 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1         7 BUNDELI
ERV  9910 1345 1400 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1   1   567 KURUKH
ERV  9910 1345 1400 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1    23     MUNDARI
ERV  9910 1345 1400 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1      4    VASAVI
ERV  9910 1400 1415 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1   1       CHODRI
ERV  9910 1400 1415 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1    23     BHILI
ERV  9910 1400 1415 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1      45   VASAVI
ERV  9910 1400 1415 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1        67 MOUCHI
ERV  9910 1415 1430 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1   1       GAMIT
ERV  9910 1415 1445 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1         7 GAMIT
ERV  9910 1430 1445 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1   1       DHODIA
ERV  9910 1415 1445 41 300 100 0  8 / 8 / 1    23456  SINDHI

Reception reports to:  <info -at->
OR at:  <>
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 8)

ARMENIA   Radio Yerevan did not work on the 18th and 19th of July at
4810 kHz, and in the redistributed timetable of the Bulgarian blog is a
traditional mistake. In the time from 1700 to 1745 UT at 4810 kHz from
Monday to Friday from 1700 UT in Turkish, and from 1715 to 1745 UT in the
Azerski, on weekends from 0500 to 1730 UT in Turkish and from 1730 to 1745
UT in the Azarian.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, MIDXB_RUS #1054, July 25; via
Alexander Dementiev-RUS, via RUSdx Aug 6 via dxld)

ARMENIA   no advance publicity though .... wb.

Special transmission of RTL Radio Luxembourg on August 6
via Shortwaveservice Yerevan Gavar celebrating 60th anniversary
of RTL German Sce

1900-2200 9975 ERV 100 kW 305 deg to WeEUR German, fair to very poor.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

9975, August 6 at 2150 UT check, not even a JBA carrier detectable from
the surprise 60th anniversary broadcast of Radio Luxembourg which was
widely heard in Europe. EiBi shows scheduled only this date between
18 and 22 UT. I am aware of no advance publicity for this in the DX press,
tsk2. Huge splash here from bigsig 9980 kHz WWCR.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 8)

RTL R Luxembourg special programme NOW (6 Aug at 1937 UT) until
2200 UT on 9975 kHz via Gavar Armenia relay. Thx to tip from Christian
Ghibaudo via Alan Pennington in BrDXC-UK mail list this is celebrating
60th anniversary Radio Luxembourg RTL German service. Transmitter until
2200 UT.
(Alan Roe-UK, 1939 UT, dxld yg Aug 8)

ASCENSION ISLANDS   9530  HCJB Radio Akhbar Mufriha, at 2151-2215* UT on
Aug 7, man announcer speaking in listed Hassinya language. Some vocals
mixed with other brief talks. At 2213 closedown announcements with station
ID and frequencies. Off with light instrumental music until carrier
terminated. Fair.

11810  BBC Relay, at 2150-2159* UT on Aug 8, English language features
closing with promo announcements before carrier terminated. Fair to good.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

AUSTRALIA   R Australia / ABC on SHORTWAVE in Pacific.
These links from respected journalist Graeme Dobell might interest







(Ian, dxld Aug 8)

BANGLADESH   15505  Aug 14 at 1356 UT, open carrier from Bangladesh Betar
prior to 1400 UT Urdu service is on already, and S2, better than JBA so
maybe today I can finally catch the mis-timesignal. Recognizable IS starts
circa 1358:20 UT, and yes! 5+1 pips end with a higher prolonged one at
1358:48.5* UT so they are *way* fast now.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 14)

BOLIVIA   5952.4  Radio Pio Doce - Siglo Veinte, at 0147-2329* UT on Aug
9, vocals followed by Spanish language talk by a man and woman announcing
team. Closed with "Colonel Bogey March" music with a man announcer with
station ID and closedown announcements. Poor to fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

BRAZIL   11855.063, on August 5 at 1224 UT, JBA carrier,
must be R. Aparecida, odd time of day to detect it.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld July 12)

Log 1830 - 2130 UT August 6th, here on remote SDR units
in southern Germany and Liverpool England.

9514.971  ZYE726  "Radio Marumby onda media e onda curta", Curitiba PR
<>  2130 UT on Aug 6, S=6 -88dBm

9530 non log, not on air. ZYE858 R. Transmundial, Santa Maria RS

9550.039  ZYE855  R. Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre RS
<>  S=4 at 2135 UT on Aug 6.

9564.938  ZYE727  SRDA Super Deus e Amor, Curitiba PR
<>  S=8 or -74dBm at 2123 UT.

9585 non log, not on air. ZYE969  Super Radio Deus e Amor, Sao Paulo SP

9629.995  ZYE954  R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP
<>  S=6-7 at 2120 UT.

9645 non log, not on air. ZYE957  R. Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo SP

9665 not observed, others on co-channel. not Radio Voz Missionaria.

9695 non log, not on air. ZYE254  R. Rio Mar, Manaus AM

9725.433  ZYJ200  RB2 - Radio Evangelizar, I don't know the present user
program name ID... ??!!, Curitiba PR S=7-8 or -77dBm at 2117 UT.

9819.066variable  ZYR96 R. Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo SP
<>  S=7-81dBm at 2111 UT on Aug 6.

11734.969  ZYE858  R. Transmundial, Santa Maria RS
<>  usual tiny S=4 -94dBm 1845 UT Aug 6.

11764.636  ZYE726  Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba PR
<>  S=6 or -85dBm at 1855 UT.

11815.026  ZYE440  R. Brasil Central, Goiania GO
<>  poor S=4-5 or -93dBm at 1857 UT
hit covered by adjacent BSKSA Riyadh in Arabic language,
powerhouse S=9+35dB on 11820.046 kHz.

11855.061  ZYE954  R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP
<>  poor S=4-5 at 1900 UT on Aug 6.

11895.163  ZYE856  R. Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre RS
<> S=4-5 at 2110 UT on Aug 6.

11934.929  ZYJ200  exRB2 - now Evangelizar ?, I don't know the present
user program name ID ... ??!!, poor tiny S=4-5 at 1910 UT on Aug 6.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 6)

BRAZIL   4925.2  Radio Educacao Rural - Tefe, at 0210-0251* UT on Aug 3,
several men speaking in the Portuguese language with occasional short
instrumental music segments and brief announcements.
Another man announcer with closing ID and announcements; no anthem. Poor.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

BULGARIA   New time and new frequency of End Times Coming ETC Radio,
via SPC-NURTS* Sofia Kostinbrod relay.

Ex-Catholics For Christ, between two broadcasts of Brother HySTAIRical TOM

1805-1859 on 11590 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English Brother HySTAIRical
1900-1930 NF 11590 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English,ex 9400 1801-1831UT
1931-2035 on 11590 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English Brother HySTAIRical
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

* via SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site,
QSL via Spaceline Ltd., Sofia Bulgaria.
CEO Dimitar Todorov  <lz1ax -at->
Ventislav Georgiev, Technical Manager, SpaceLine Ltd, BULGARIA.

CHINA   15040  Firedrake at 1310 UT on Aug 12 with the usual mix of
percussion and woodwind instrumentals jamming AIR New Delhi in Mandarin
and off in step with AIR's sign off at 1315 UT. Good.

15110  Firedrake at 1318 UT on Aug 12 with the usual mix of percussion and
woodwind instrumentals jamming the VOA via Thailand. Good mixing with the
VOA via Thailand.

15110  {THAILAND}  VOA at 1318 UT in Mandarin with a man and woman with
news and commentary about Asia. Fair under Firedrake Aug 12 V Using
Firedrake in lieu of CNR1 gives us a fighting chance to listen to the
desired broadcast. Thanks, Chinese jamming morons!

15265  CNR1 at 1243 UT  Aug 12 in Mandarin jamming RFA in Tibetan via Orzu
Tajikistan with a man and woman with excited talk. Weak but audible.

15275  CNR1 at 1306 UT on Aug 12 // 11785 kHz in Mandarin jamming RFA in
Tibetan via Orzu Tajikistan with a fanfare and ID and a man and woman with
gentle banter over string instrumentals. Good.
(Mark Coady, Selwyn, Ont-CAN, via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA/SOMALIA/SUDAN   morning log 0440 to 0515 UT August 11,
in Doha Qatar Middle East remote Perseus SDR unit

7119.999 kHz Somalia Radio Hargeysa S=8 signal.

7140.028 kHz Eritrea Radio Asmara, played Horn of Africa typical music
             at 0455 UT S=8-9 signal strength.
plus another AM carrier on
7140.021 kHz of S=6-7 strength,
latter low modulated or even audio not existant.

JAMMING WHITE NOISE digital noise type from Ethiopia secret service
in 7171 to 7189 kHz block range, meant against

7181.555 kHz center frequency of Eritrea Radio Asmara service,
             S=8-9 signal strength in Doha Qatar.

7205.002 kHz Sudan Radio Omdurman local music at S=9 signal level,
at 0515 UT Aug 11.

7140.028 kHz Eritrea R Asmara, wandered downwards, noted now on
7140.020 kHz frequency at 0550 UT on Aug 11, still S=7 signal
in remote Doha Qatar ME SDR installation.

7181.555 kHz still on that frequency, S=8 - a little stronger signal than
7140.020 kHz, also Eritrea R Asmara bcast.

NO WHITE NOISE JAMMING BLOCK from Ethiopia anymore at this time 0553 UT
on Aug 11.

7205.002 kHz much low modulation of S=7 signal strength during daytime
path, from R Omdurman Sudan at 0554 UT on Aug 11.


UNID re probably 5940even kHz via ERI Radio Asmara,
Sela'i Da'iro / Saladaro (*).

5940even new probably Eritrean radio sce - not before 18.00 UT when
checked, but
5940even probably from Asmara, Sela'i Da'iro / Saladaro site, S=9+10dB
powerful heard in Doha Qatar Middle East, at 18.19 UT HoA local music,
much irregularly, same time short 20 mins 1810 til 1830 UT sign-off
on Aug 13.

AFS ERI ETH NIG SOM SDN - early UTC evening log, 1745-1825 UT on Aug 11

Africa outlets on Aug 11.

3 outlets of Eritrea, Asmara Sela'i Da'iro {Saladaro},
on air after 18.00 UT Aug 11.

early UTC evening log, 1745-1825 UT on Aug 11,
in Doha Qatar Middle East remote Perseus SDR unit:

5940even new probably Eritrean radio sce - not before 18.00 UT when
checked, but

5940even probably from Asmara, Sela'i Da'iro / Saladaro site, S=9+10dB
powerful heard in Doha Qatar Middle East, at 18.19 UT HoA local music,
much irregularly, same time short 20 mins 1810 til 1830 UT sign-off on Aug

5949.999 ETH Voice of Tigre Revol, Gedja, Tigre S=9+15dB at 17.50 UT

6030     - non log - ETH Radio Oromiya Gedja, Afar not on air 17-19 UT.

6089.996 - non log - ETH Radio Amhara, not on air 17-19 UT.

6110even ETH Radio Fana Gedja, Amharic, S=9+15dB at 18.01 UT on Aug 11.

7119.9985 SOM Radio Hargeysa S=9+15dB signal, 18.04 UT local mx.

7140.019 ERI VoBM1 Radio Asmara, at 18.06 UT S=9+15dB signal strength.

no JAMMING WHITE NOISE digital from Ethiopia secret service on air 41mb.

7181.555 ERI center frequency of ERI VoBM2 Radio Asmara service,
S=9+15dB signal strength in Doha Qatar. 18.09 UT.

7234.880 ETH VoDemTigre from Gedja site, not fq stable,
wandered approx 20 Hertz up and down, S=9+20dB signal,
x.870 ... x.890 kHz. 18.11 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA / UNIDENTIFIED new HoA radio program on 5940 kHz.

5940.0 kHz  UNID, 1855- UT, African mx, just before the news:
"Salam Aleykoum" SIO: 333. Perhaps Eritrea ?
(Franck Baste-F  F4LKC, Perseus + Loop ALA 1530; dxld Aug 10)

Re:  UNID 5940 kHz. Comments by Thorsten Hallmann and Ivo Ivanov.

First heard at 1815 (not yet at 1800) UT Aug 10 today, while ERI was still
on 7140 + 7181.55 kHz - so it is not one of the two "main"
ERI-transmitters, as also Wolfgangs morning + afternoon log (already
posted in this list) indicates.

Predominantly HoA music, also a phone interview from 1825 UT, followed by
30 min's+ of nonstop-music. Next announcement at 1919 UT. Very fast talk,
nothing to make out but presumed "Ethiopia", and "Oromia" at 1932 UT.
Significantly weaker than 5950 kHz VoTR - ETH. End of talk at 1937 UT with
presumed Salam-u-aleikum and Allahu-akbar (rough transcription...), but
not Arabic before.

Oromo and Somali are known to be predominantly muslim groups in ETH, while
f.e. Tigray and Amharic native speakers in Ethiopia aren't. Signing off at
1957 UT. A weaker signal with music remains, about 50 Hz lower.

From 1845 UT there is a strong carrier with 1.2 kHz tone close to it,
on 5936.2 kHz till 1900+ UT, but not after 1930 UT. On 5935 kHz, 1930+ UT
a German language numbers station in CUSB interfering. Interesting

The unchallenged guess so far on this station's origin seems to be ERI.

But any proof? No, I don't think so, but also to me it seems most likely,
though I would not completely rule out neighboring countries - or from
somewhere completely different targeted at the region? However, ETH is
short of transmitters, not enough even to broadcast all scheduled home
services and jam VOA at this time (on the other hand Foreign service
transmitter often running idle from 1700 UT), while ERI has an unknown
number of SW transmitters not used for a few years... Content seems to be
aimed at Ethiopia.

[later]  No more audio heard from 1925 UT Aug 10, but carrier still there
at 1950 UT. Talk before, presumed East African. VoTR is active on 5950 kHz
and did not seem to be in // (as it used to be sporadically in the past).
Eritrean transmitters were on 7140 + 7181.5 kHz today. Regular programming
always ends at 1830 UT, so if ERI, a clandestine broadcast to Ethiopia
would be likely. A frequency close to VoTR would then of course be a
rational choice. BTW.: an Unid 5940 kHz was reported in A-DX a few months
ago, I remember. Don't think it was identified then.

OK, just see Ivo reporting it starting at 1830 UT. That would of course
also point to ERI. Though Glenn had it already at 1452 UT, I checked
ERIs via SDRs at 1330 UT and found them on the above frequencies,
also 1600+ UT.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld yg Aug 10)

UNID 5940 kHz.
re probably 5940even kHz via ERI  Asmara,
Sela'i Da'iro / Saladaro site (*).

5940even new probably Eritrean radio sce - not before 18.00 UT when
checked, but
5940even probably from Asmara, Sela'i Da'iro / Saladaro site, S=9+10dB
powerful heard in Doha Qatar Middle East, at 18.19 UT HoA local music,
much irregularly,
same time short 20 mins 1810 til 1830 UT sign-off on Aug 13.

(*)  probably old Italian Empire colonial sounding village name


or "Sela'i Da'iro"

(*)  Asmara Ma'akel region, Ghala Nefhi subregion, Italian colonial region
til 1948, than was an Ethiopian province til 1991 year, Ethiopian/Eritrean
MW 940 / 945 kHz mast at Asmara (#) nortwestern suburb too.

15 19 50.02 N  38 53 42.24 E


and the  5 log-periodics rather westerly area, and
3 log-periodics on the tx site eastern wall.
4000, 5000, 7020, 7380 kHz

Clandestine Eritrean bcast came from Sudan transmitter facilities
in decades these days.

Re: UNID 5940kHz
ERI Asmara Sela'i Da'iro [Saladaro]  2 MW masts, 2 log-per SW arrays

15 13 01.02 N  38 52 31.75 E




zwei schoene log-periodische effektive Antennen,
ob die Sender noch immer 100 kW Leistung bringen, oder nur noch 30 kW,
wer weiss der Geier ...


Die alte 10 kW Anlage vor dem Jahr 1996 aus direkt Asmara im Einsatz bei

ERI_Asmara, old 945 und 1089 kHz MW and 8 log-periodic SW antennas.

Schieberegler auf 9 Februar 2004:
der MW Mast bei
15 19 50.02 N  38 53 42.24 E


und die 5 log-per etwas westlich.
3 log-per auch oestlich von der Anwesenmauer.
4000, 5000, 7020, 7380 kHz

Aber die 2017 Bilder zeigen keine Mastreste mehr, seit dem Image vom April
2009 geschrottet, nur der MW Mast steht noch.

ps. Comment - ich nehme einen weiteren Eritrea Sender an. Er war genau auf
5940.000 Frequenz und sieht nach einer modernen Installation aus.

ETH / ERI, wenn die ETHis sogar ungenuegende Anzahl von Jamming Sender zur
Verfuegung haben, gestern waren 6030 und 6090 kHz im VoA Jamming Einsatz,
werden sie zu gleicher Zeit keinen neuen weiteren 5940 kHz ETH Sender
direkt neben ihren 5950 kHz setzen ...
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11 / 13)

(*)  WRTH spells Asmara's transmitter site: Selai Dairo
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld)

(*)  Google Maps calls it "Saladaro" and disagrees with Open Street Map on
a specific settlement called Dbarwa: Is it the one close to the
transmitter site or another one closer to Asmara?

Yet another variant is being offered by Selea Daro. And Bing
thinks that this is Gala Nefhi and the passing street is no. 3 rather than

Perhaps the confusion has even been spread deliberately. Would not
surprise me at all from a country that Reporters Without Borders
considered for some time even worse than North Korea.

Whatever the place maybe called, it appears to be a rather reliable
information that the transmission facility there has been built in the
mid-nineties by what was back then Thomcast, with two 100 kW transmitters
each for shortwave and mediumwave. Other shortwave facilities elsewhere
presumably existed at least until 2009, used for Radio Bana (which then
was raided and closed) on 5100 kHz.

This is the question behind a possible third shortwave outlet from Eritrea
appearing again.

There were certainly about eight or nine transmitters active from Eritrea
in 2011 and some of them up to early 2012. [...] but at least two more had
a decent signal pointing to maybe 5 or 10 kW output.

Meanwhile a discussion of this took place in the German-language A-DX
list. A short review:

(#)  It is understood that this is the old  *Asmara*  transmitter site:


But shortwave antennas there disappeared after 2009.

An opinion has been voiced that this could be yet another "target"
station. Considered by others as quite unlikely, because this kind of
stuff is usually confined to a duration of one hour, with clearly defined
start and end, usually screaming a lot of station IDs at the listener.

But the programming on 5940 kHz just goes on and on, at times with just
music for half a hour. {yes, very irregular timing, wb.]
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld yg Aug 12 /13)

This is the question behind a possible third shortwave outlet from
Eritrea appearing again.

There were certainly about eight or nine transmitters active from Eritrea
in 2011 and some of them up to early 2012.

At least four of them however seemed to be very weak ones, maybe ham or
military transceivers, placed on variable channels around 7175 kHz // to
the main transmitter, or on 49mb. The other strong transmitter was on
7205/7210 kHz, but at least two more had a decent signal pointing to maybe
5 or 10 kW output.

One of them was irregularly around 5060 kHz for a short period after the
closedown of Radio Bana, carrying clandestines, and later, in 2011, 5670
kHz with VoBME was also audible quite well. Another common frequency used
around 2009+year was 7999.4 kHz with VoBME1, and in 2011 a transmitter
hopping around on 9700/9705/9720 kHz et al. was also audible quite well
with VoBME2.

After this period of high activity first the small transmitters went
silent and the stronger ones not much later.

[later] - ... diese Sendungen hoeren sich von der Machart her ganz und gar
nicht nach den ueblichen Oppositionssendungen fuer ERI/ETH an. Diese sind
ueblicherweise einigermassen kompakt vorproduziert, wortanteilreich und
schreien einen regelrecht mit Stationsidentifikationen an, gerne mit Echo.

Auf 5940 kHz habe ich heute insgesamt drei Stunden lang gehoert, gerne gab
es 30+ Minuten nur Musik, meist traditionelles, dazwischen unregelmaessig
insgesamt vielleicht fuenf bis sechs Wort-Bloecke von etwa fuenf bis zehn
Minuten, teilweise als Telefoninterviews, einfach ohne grosse Vorrede in
medias res, wie mir scheint...

Inhaltlich ist einzig ein Beitrag zu den Wahlen in Kenia klar zu bestimmen
gewesen. Kein Jingle, nix was sich anhoerte wie eine
Stationsidentifikation, Adressangabe, Nachrichtensendung, Jingle oder
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld yg Aug 12)

FRANCE   7295  Radio Algerienne - via TDF Issoudun, at 0432-0458* UT on
Aug 6, man announcer taking in the Arabic language with some Middle
Eastern vocals. Off mid-song. Fair signal.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

11995  Radio France International - via TDF Issoudun, at 1913-1926 UT on
Aug 1, French pop vocals followed by a discussion by a man and woman
announcers in the French language including nice station ID. Fair to good
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

FRANCE   {Japan / Taiwan / Algeria etc}
For many years already from TDF Issoudun bcast center are operating two
faulty transmitters which are folsting upon on different clients. Together
with fundmental sound (speech, mx) there are non-stopping sounds which are
like (similar as) the noise from tractors or mybe like frof sounds.

I wrote that to Mr. Puetz, to TDF but they are mailing, lurking without
any answer. By the way the idea of Kaj Ludwig for satellite relay deffect
is not right because for the example the transmission of NHK Radio Japan
Tokyo at 0800-1000 UT on 15290 kHz is without "tractor, also at 0500-0600
UT RTA Algiers on 7295 kHz is with "tractor" and on 9535 kHz at same time
without and etc. So the effect on NHK 11945 kHz and RTI on 11955 kHz at
1700-1800 UT is existing without any satellite problem.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15)

11955  I checked the TDF Issoudun relay outlet of Radio Taiwan
International in Russian language today Aug 16 at 17-18 UT, and stated
throughout an accompanied tractor audio sound signal, visible on
SDR unit screen in plus/minus 770 to 1150 Hertz range.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 16)

GERMANY   6160 kHz Update.
I just saw the following message on the website:

Breaking News August 13 2017:
First antenna tests have taken place on 6160 kHz and the fitting of the
appliances to the transmitting room is well under way. Thank you for the
all the encouraging reports received for our tests on this channel.
We will keep you posted on further developments on this website.

Remember: We are on a test phase at the moment, 3975 kHz will be switched
on soon. Alan. Posted by: Alan Gale <alan -at->
(via BrDXC-UK ng Aug 14)

GERMANY/AUSTRIA   Since July the 1st the prgrs of Jack van Impe Ministries
in English via BVB via MBR FMO were ceased and there are some minor
changes in the schedule of BVB

Saturdays 0700-0730 UT on 5945 kHz MBR Nauen (Sat+Sun) West European Sce
of BVB is ceased.

1800-1830 UT on 15215 kHz MBR FMO via ORS Moosbrunn-AUT 100kW 115degr,
Middle East Sce is playing only songs.

Sundays Word of Truth Ministries moving to 1800 UT Tue/Sat only and now on
6130 kHz MBR Nauen 90degr East Europe sce, bc time is 1730-1830 UT
(ex 1730-1900 UT, latter Suns only).
{also Thur/Fris scheduled 1900-1915 UT, wb.}

btw. IRRS on 9510 Sundays at 1100-1130 UT is also only with mx prgr
(ex J van I Min-s prgr in English).

{Reception of IRRS Radio City via ROU RadioCom Saftica site on Aug 12
0800-0900 9510 SAF 100 kW 300 deg to WeEUR German Sat, fair to good.
Ivo Bulgaria, Aug 12, wb.}

(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via WWDXC BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

GERMANY   6070.003  Strongest of the hobby radio stations in Germany
in the 49 bc band. S=9+10dB at 1050 UT on Aug 10, most probably
up to 10 kW of power.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 10)

GERMANY   "Hit AM" 6045 kHz Sonntag Aug 13, ab 10 Uhr MESZ / CEST.

Hallo liebe Kurzwellenhoerer,
heute startet ab 10 Uhr MESZ (08 UT) wieder einmal das Programm von HitAM
auf der Kurzwellenfrequenz 6045 kHz mit einer Leistung von 125 kW
aus Berlin [MBR Nauen]. Wir wuerden gerne wissen wie gut der Empfang in
verschiedenen Gebieten moeglich ist (sowohl Indoor mit kleinen Radios als
auch mit guten Empfaengern/Antennen). Und freuen uns natuerlich auch ueber
Anregungen und Wuensche zum Programm. Ihr duerft also gerne direkt an mich
eine Mail schreiben, falls ihr das Programm hoert oder anderweitig Fragen
habt. Musikalisch spielen wir einiges aus den Charts aber auch Musiktitel
aus den 80er und 90er Jahren. Also einfach mal reinhoeren.
Wir freuen uns ueber Eure Rueckmeldung.
Viele Gruesse, Christian
(Christian Nagel-D   <nagel.christian -at->  A-DX ng Aug 13)

re: Hit AM 6045 kHz Sunday only 10 hrs CEST -  some European-wide
Checks between 0820 and 0902 UT on Aug 13,

wahrscheinlich in Richtung 240 Grad aus MBR Nauen, im Vergleich sowie
der hobby 'Radio Nordsee' Sender Ingolstadt 6070 kHz nahebei Frequenz.
Die besten Signale wie immer wurden in Belgien und England verzeichnet.

Leider gab es heute keine Frankreich Grenoble Frequenz zum Checken.

Nauen 6045 kHz 125 kW               Ingolstadt 6070 kHz geschaetzte 10 kW
Liverpool GB         S=9+25dB       S=8-9
Ipswich GB           S=9+25dB       S=8-9
Groningen HOL        S=9+30dB       S=8-9
Amberg DARC stn GER  S=9+25dB       S=9+10dB
Freising BavariaGER  S=9+15dB       S=9
Belgium 1            S=9+40dB       S=7
Belgium 2            S=9+50dB       S=9+5dB
Luzern SUI           S=9+30dB       S=9+15dB
Bologna-Rimini ITA   S=9            S=7-8
West Hungary HNG     S=9            S=9+10dB
Steiermark Styria AUTS=9            S=8-9
Zakynthos GRC        S=4 -87dBm     S=3 -98dBm
Finland Mauno SDR    S=9            S=6

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 13)

Northern Spain       S=9+15dB       S=8
Leichtes Fading waehrend dem Check um 10.20 MESZ / CEST.
Perseus SDR und MiniWhip antenna.
(Jerome Turnell-ESP, A-DX ng Aug 13)

GERMANY   Werner Hinz - Erfinder des Hinz-Trillers ist am 29. Juli 2017

Werner Hinz, der fruehere Technik-Chef beim Deutschlandfunk und Erfinder
des legendaeren Hinz-Trillers, der uns seit Einfuehrung des Verkehrsfunks
zu Anfang und Ende einer Verkehrsdurchsage begleitete, ist vor kurzem

Die Meldung stammt vom DLF:


Im untenstehenden Link zu SWR2 Wissen wird der Hinz-Triller
in 99sec erklaert:


Details zur Technik


Weitere Informationen zur Verkehrsfunkentwicklung ueber das RDS-System bis
zum TMC  - ein sehenswertes Interview mit Peter Braegas von Blaupunkt

<>  (Aug 9, 2017)

GREECE   9935  Voice of Greece - Avlis bc site, at 2105-2127 UT on July
31, Program of Greek vocals hosted by aman announcer with Greek language
talk. Good signal.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

9420.007  ERT Hellinki Radiophonia from Avlis Greece, noted at
1053-1056 UT on S=9+15dB signal level in southern Germany.
Newscast in Polish language heard. On Aug 10th.
Not on 9935 kHz nor 11645 kHz on air.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 10)

Voice of Greece at new time in Arabic on 9420 kHz, Aug 10

0650-0710  9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek*tx#3, and off air
NO SIGNAL  9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek tx#1 or alt.11645
* including news bulletin in Serbian 0657 UT, in Arabic 0707 UT (new time)
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 10)

GREECE   V of Greece I'll end this month with a quick mention of V of
Greece which rarely disappoints with its music programmes in European
evenings and overnight. Plenty of "typical" Greek music, also jazz and
classical music feature regularly. On 8 July at 1900 UT (on 9420 kHz) was
a recorded live concert of covers of Beatles songs, including such greats
as "Lady Madonna", "Yesterday", "Eleanor Rigby", "Hey Jude" and "Yellow
Submarine". Another very enjoyable hour from VoG! Until next time - good
listening and 73.
(Alan Roe-UK, Listening Post, Aug BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine,
direct and via dxld Aug 8)

Their First Home Sce in Greece from Avlis was confirmed as follows

on Aug 5 2345 UT & Aug 6 at 0040 UT      on 9420, MW 729, 1008, 1404 kHz;
on Aug 7 2345 UT & Aug 8 at 0400-0700 UT on 9935, MW 729, 1008, 1404 kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via WWDXC BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

GUAM   12025  QSL KTWR verified an electronic report with a full data
electronic reply in 20 days from Becky Philyaw, KTWR Frequency
Coordination Department.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

INDONESIA   3325  RRI Palangkaraya, at 1406 UT on Aug 3. Palangkaraya
local news; ending at 1413 UT with the playing of the patriotic/national
song "Dirgahayu Indonesiaku."

It will be recalled that Aug 17th is Independence Day in Indonesia, so
all month long they will be playing "Dirgahayu Indonesiaku" at the end
of all their news programs.

3325  Pro 1 RRI Palangkaraya, at 1139 UT on Aug 5, with NBC Bougainville
clearly off the air at this time. Almost fair reception at 1232 UT, with
audio feed of the Jakarta news in Bahasa Indonesia, with item about the
ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) meeting being held today in
Manila; short sound bite in English of Philippines Foreign Affairs
Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano's ASEAN speech - "We now enjoy peace,
security and stability in the region. More importantly ..."; ending the
news at 1234 UT, by playing the patriotic/national song "Dirgahayu
Indonesiaku"; ID for "Pro Satu RRI Palangkaraya."
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via dxld Aug 8)

IRAN/CHINA   Unid station low on 1377 kHz.
Loud and clear with Beijing time check here yesterday evening at 2100 UT.
The offset seems to be fractionally high at 1377.0005 kHz or so. Second
strongest on the frequency was a presumed Iran at 1377.009 kHz, then
another station (also presumed Iran) at 1376.978 kHz.

This was 1377 kHz at 2100 UT Aug 9 showing the carrier on 1376.978 kHz.


(John Faulkner-UK, mwoffsets Aug 8 / 9)

Re: Unid station low on 1377 kHz.

Checked 1323 to 1611 kHz range, tonight Aug 10th, at 0000-0130 UT
in Qatar and Moscow SDR remote Perseus'.

re 1377 kHz,
noted two Iran stns on equal signal level in Doha Qatar SDR installation.

1322.991  IRN  National Hymn played, at 0000 UT Aug 10.
1331.9875 IRN  Tabriz Jolfa
1331.9965 IRN  Tehran at 0003 UT.
1340.9975  ?   Holy Quran Arabic 0005 UT.
1367.9675 IRN  Golestan
1368.007   ?   UNID weak and tiny
1376.8955 IRN
1377.008  IRN
1385.9985 LTU  Russian program
1394.9895 IRN  HQ Haijabad and two mini tiny on
1394.9945 and 1395.001 kHz.
1413even  MDA  Vesti FM, Grigoriopol Maiac
1412.9455 IRN  Estafhan
1431.001  DJI  R Sawa Arabic, strong BUZZ tone +/- 100 Hertz
          annoying signal.
1493.9945 IRN  Taybad
1511.9365 IRN  Ardabil 0046 UT.
1511.9915 ARS  Holy Quran Arabic Jeddah
1512.008   ?   UNID weak and tiny
1520.9965 BHR?? Holy Quran Ar, 0055 UT.
1529.9975 ROU
1538.9935 IRN?
1547.9935 IRN
1548even  KWT  R Sawa Ar // 1431.001 Sawa Djibouti
          but not // KWT 1593 kHz.
1557.020  IRN  Zabol
1565.9895 IRN  Bam
1575even  UAE  R Farda Persian via Al Dhabaya, plus
          annoying  B U Z Z  jamming 24 x 100 Hertz distance apart
          strings visible on PC screen either sideband.
1583.976   ?
1583.995  BHR  probably Manama
1584.008   ?
1592.986  EGY?
1593even  KWT  Iraqi annmt mentioned R Sawa,
          but  n o t  // 1431 DJI, 1548 KWT.
1601.817  1601.848  1601.946  1601.993 and 1602.016 kHz.
1610.938   ?   weak and tiny at 0130 UT.

[later]  At 14.50 UT on Aug 10th checked at Perseus remote units
in New Delhi and Doha Qatar ME

1376.887 3rd rank, weak and tiny.
1376.998 CHN strongest in Delhi, probably Lhasa Tibet outlet.
1377even CHN most probably the 600 kW powerhouse unit at
         Henan province transmitter after maintenance.
1377.008 IRN HQ program via Chahbahar Iran, heard at 1504 UT
         in Doha Qatar and at Delhi.

[later]  on Aug 10th checked at Perseus remote unit in Doha Qatar ME

1377.008 IRN HQ program via Chahbahar Iran, heard at 2315 UT on Aug 10
and probably another Iranian on odd 1376.900 kHz at S=9+15dB strength.

[selected SDR options, span 1.6 kHz RBW 1.9 Hertz, BW 1.6 kHz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 10)

MADAGASCAR   15420  Radio Itahuka via Talata Volonondry relay at 1817 UT
on Aug 12 in Kirundi with a man with talk with a monotone delivery then
talking to an impassioned man at 1820 UT. Fair with fading.
(Mark Coady, Selwyn, Ont-CAN, via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

MADAGASCAR   {target radio program}  15420  Radio Itahuka - Talata
Volonondry-MDG (presumed), at 1838-1853 UT on Aug 12, two men talkingin
presumed Kirundi language. Poor tofair signal but fairly noisy channel
making it poor overall. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay with it untilsign
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

Saturdays via Talata Volonondry-MDR, Sun-Fri via TDF Issoudun-France,
1800-1900 UT to Burundi target. wb.

[MALAGASY]   5009.93  Radio Malagasy - {Madigasikara}, at 1853 UT on Aug
4, nice vocals getting thru but difficult copy with soft-spoken announcer.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

MEXICO   6185,  on Aug 13 at 2217 UT, very weak S5-S3 music, got to be
XEPPM on the air earlier than nominal 23-05 UT schedule during DST, as in
Aoki, 1 kW. Nothing else listed on 6185 kHz at this hour, including major
broadcasters. (CRI Arabic via Albania, however at 20-22 UT). Under quiet
conditions I have also detected the 6185 kHz carrier close to midday, but
never around sunrise, so when do they really turn it on and when to they
start programming, probably only // MW 1060 kHz ?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 14)

MOLDOVA   11600  Denge Kurdistan - via Radiotelecentr (PRTC) transmitter
Grigoriopol Maiac, at 2004-2052 UT on July 31. Several men and woman in a
lively discussion in the Kurdish language. At 2029 UT, some instrumental
music followed by a man announcer with talk. Fair signal.
Re-check at 2104 UT but station gone.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

In recent days, one of Tiraspol is not heard at 621 kHz in the morning.
There are also no programs in Russian prepared by Radio Free Europe in
Russian for Transnistria at 873 and 1494 kHz. Maybe Disappeared in May?
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, MIDXB #1054, July 25, via RUSdx Aug 6 / dxld)

MOLDOVA   Pridnestrovye separatists re-activated on MW 621 kHz Grigoriopol
Maiac site, with only popular songs in Russian from 0300 UT on 6-10 Aug.
Vesti FM 24 hrs in Russian on MW 1413 kHz confirmed on Aug 14 at
0100 UT, 1413 kHz but with strong spur on 1397.5 and low sounded spur on
1428.5 kHZ, but later at 0135 UT was with strong spur in wide range
1427-1430.5 kHz and some slow on same 1397.5 kHz. Now at 1800 UT maybe
with reduced power and tiny signal is without spurs.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via WWDXC BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

MONGOLIA   *reactivated 4895 kHz*.

Mongolian Radio 2 (presumed), at 1246 UT on Aug 10 and again Aug 11 at
1131 UT, through subsequent checking till 1350 UT; heard only an open
carrier; unable to detect any modulation/audio at my QTH.

Thanks to feedback from Dave Valko and Hiroyuki Komatsubara-JPN, who were
also hearing this, but they had faint audio that indicated Mongolia and
not India. Mongolia not on their other frequency of 4830; while 7260 is
now being reported with a het from a third station, which might also be
Mongolia (plus China & Vanuatu). Needs more monitoring!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

NIGERIA   African outlets on Aug 11.
7254.922  NIG  VoNigeria, from Ikorodu site, English sce S=9+5dB
noted in Qatar remote SDR unit at 18.14 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

OMAN   12015  Radio Sultanate of Oman - Thumrait site, at 0008-0035 UT on
Aug 3, man announcer with Arabic language talks followed by recitations.
Fair to good.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

15140  Radio Sultanate of Oman - Thumrait site, at 1652-1725 UT on Aug 2,
pop vocals program hosted by a man announcer with English language talks,
IDs ("Radio Sultanate of Oman ...90.4 ...") and announcements. Poor to
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3260  NBC Madang. Aug 4, running longer than 3325 kHz;
pop song (Little River Band - "Cool Changes"); on-air phone calls in
Pidgin; 1224* UT cut off. Since the end of the election results, note
Madang has had a good number of these call-in shows, which I assume are
callers commenting on the recent election. Not nearly as strong as NBC
Bougainville (3325 kHz).

3275, NBC Southern Highlands [non-log], on Aug 4, not heard.

3365, NBC Milne Bay [non-log], on Aug 4, continues silent.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Aug 8)

3260  NBC Madang, at 0945 UT on Aug 4, good with Island music but weaker
than 3325 kHz NBC Kieta Bougainville.

3325  NBC Bougainville, at 0930 UT on Aug 4, Pidgin M with talk about
election, excellent signal.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

PERU   4747.19  Huanta 2000, at 1129 UT on Aug 5, noted as big het against
nominal, copy in LSB. Very sporadic, not heard day prior.

4774.92  Radio Tarma? at 1135 UT on Aug 5, JBA with talk by man, couldn't
pull an ID.

4955  Radio Cultural Amauta, at 1140 UT on Aug 5, noted with huaynos,
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

PERU   4774.908,  on Aug 3 at 1121 UT, very poor carrier vs CODAR. Suspect
it's still Radio Tarma, where sunrise today is 1120 UT. Recent logs put it
on approx. 4774.9 kHz, and the last precise one I find is from 2 June 2016
by Carlos Goncalves, Portugal on 4774.946 kHz, when he distinguished it
from Brazil on 4774.914 kHz, closer to my measurement but Congonhas SR was
a bihour earlier; and there is nothing in Asia circa 4775 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 8)

PHILIPPINES   Four e-QSL from the Philippines came from FEBC.

Frequencies 9400, 9795, 11650 (transmission to Russian), 12095 kHz.
I had to wait a long time: two reports were sent 210 days ago, two more
- 128 days ago. Signed - Norita P. Estabillo, Shortwave Operation,
Program Support Supervisor. Wrote to addresses
<Norie.estabillo -at->  and  <info -at->

On cards - photo with The height of the antenna field in Bokay, the mast
in Iba, the Philippine buffalo in the lake and Evening view of the
transmitting center of Bokae.

Pictures here:

It seems that reports on e-mail are now confirmed by electronic cards.

And for paper should be addressed by mail to the address:
Far East Broadcasting Company
PO Box 14205,
Ortigas Center,
Pasig City 1605
(Dmitry Mezin-RUS, "open_dx", via QSL World, RUSdx Aug 6 via dxld)

PUERTO RICO   5125  Arecibo, Ionosphere HF Heater Transmission, at 2214
UT, strong signal at tune in, variations and occasional pauses noted, back
strong and continuous at 2220 UT on 30 July.
(Mark Coady, Selwyn, Ont-CAN, via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

RUSSIA   1991 & 2006. " CLUB DX " (#775)
Ether: January 29, 2006. Author and presenter: Vadim Alekseev.
Editor of the Internet version: Pavel Mikhailov.


The final part of our program will today be devoted to our history,
friends - it is ours with you. The fact is that 15 years ago, in
January 1991, an amateur print publication appeared, as it was said,
"samizdat", from which the longest history of the periodical DX-
edition begins in our country. This is the "Moscow Information DX-
Bulletin" ("MIDXB"'). Immediately I will say that the bulletin that
appeared in 1991 was not the first. There were also other "samizdat"
bulletins before him, coming out in those years when talking about
foreign radio stations was unsafe. But today we will talk specifically
about the birth of the "MIDXB", since he turned 15, and although he
has not published in print for several years, the life of this
publication continues on the Internet.

The idea to produce a printed edition was born at a meeting of a small
group of DXists who met, if I remember correctly, thanks to an
announcement read out in the DX program of Swedish Radio, whose author
suggested to colleagues that they have a passion for communicating
through correspondence. [Clarification: in fact, the beginning began
to directly communicate the DXistov of the former USSR put the program
"Club DX" Pavel Mikhailov, which appeared on the waves of the
World Russian Service of Moscow Radio since August 1989. - NOTE.REV.].
After some time, five Muscovites decided to meet to personally
meet and talk. The result of this communication was the idea of
??creating a "Moscow DX Association". That's what happened.
Written in the first issue of the bulletin for January 1991 (read):

" ... The idea to create a "Moscow DX Association" came during a
meeting of the Moscow DX-stories on July 22, 1990. The purpose of the
Association is to popularize the DX movement in the Soviet Union. The
Association is a regional organization and accepts only DXistov from
Moscow and the Moscow region, Five people are included in the
initiative group. Members of the Association take part in the
preparation of DX-programs of the Moscow Radio, collaborate with the
DX-program of Almaty radio and issue a newsletter "Moscow Presents",
the first issue of which we offer to your attention ... "
(end of quote).

Yes, you did not misinterpret, the first four issues of the newsletter
were called that way. And the initiative group then included Mikhail
Paramonov, Anatoly Klepov, Andrei Nekrasov, Sergei Sosedkin and your
humble servant. And, of course, the common thing for all members of
the so-called initiative group was the issue printed edition. The
principle was based on the principle of collective creativity. That
is, each member of the editorial board of the bulletin collects
information and writes on a topic that interests him exactly. From
this, and there is a variety of material that should make the
newsletter interesting to any DXist, regardless of what ranges he
likes to listen to, and for which stations he hunts.

In May 1991, it was decided to change the English name of the bulletin
to Russian, and it became known as the Information Bulletin of the
Moscow DX Association. And soon the herd is clear that the idea of
??creating the Association has not gone anywhere beyond the idea, but
the idea to issue a regular (monthly) newsletter - began to develop
gradually. Began to appear authors who sent to the bulletin various
notes, air news and even whole articles. Many became permanent
correspondents of the bulletin, and some, the most active, wished to
become members of the editorial board, having incurred a part of a
hard burden for the regular collection, editing and publication of
materials on the pages of the publication.

I now deliberately do not call any more names, because I want to
recall all those who collaborated with this edition in the past, and,
of course, talk with those who continue to be among the authors of
this (now electronic) edition. Therefore, I appeal to everyone who has
or had anything to do with the Moscow Information DX Bulletin: let's
all together in the coming months, we will remember how everything
started, which was interesting and memorable; Than, perhaps, a
newsletter someone helped. I really hope that I will be able to
contact and invite many of those who are involved in the history of
the Moscow Information DX-Bulletin to the microphone in our next
programs. I'm afraid that this will sound too loud, but still it seems
to me that the history of this publication in Largely reflects the
history of the Russian DX movement in the last 15 years.
(Continuation in the next issue)

Here is how the bulletin "Moscow Presents" looked
(RUSdx August 6 via dxld Aug 8)

SINGAPORE   11740  NHK World Radio Japan via Babcock Kranji relay site,
at 1256 UT on Aug 12 in presumed Thai with a woman with talk then closing
announcements over Asian instrumentals at 1258 to 1300 UT and opening
music and into Vietnamese program. Weak but audible.
(Mark Coady, Selwyn, Ont-CAN, via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

SOLOMON ISLANDS  [non-log]  5020 & 9545 kHz, SIBC Honiara.
On Aug 11 at 1132 UT, found both frequencies silent.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

SOUTH AFRICA   3320  Radio Sonder Grense - SenTec Meyerton bc site, at
0352-0417 UT on Aug 2, pop vocals followed by a man announcer talking in
Afrikaans language. Woman announcer with news at 0400 UT. At 0406 UT music
bridge followed by a man with station ID, more talk and short music bridge
and announcements. Fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

SOUTH AFRICA   African outlets on Aug 11.

7244.990 AFS BBC London, French sce to AF, via SenTec Meyerton
at 18.12 UT on Aug 11, S=8 in Qatar SDR remote unit.

7264.986 AFS BBC London, Somali sce, S=8 signal at 18.17 UT
via SenTec Meyerton relay site // 9720 MEY.

5930even AFS BBC London, French sce, S=6 signal at 18.20 UT
via SenTec Meyerton relay site // 7245v MEY.

9720even AFS BBC London, Somali sce, S=9+15dB signal at 18.22 UT
via SenTec Meyerton relay site // 7265v MEY.

9754.985 AFS NHK Radio Japan Tokyo, En sce, S=9+5dB at 18.24 UT
via SenTec Meyerton relay site. Fluttery sidelobe signal.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

SRI LANKA   The Sri Lanka BC is to introduce a Tamil language
service for Sri Lankan Gulf workers. Ethnic Tamil and Moslems in
Sri Lanka speak Tamil. Starting 17th August 1700-1800 UT on either
11910/11890 kHz but most likely will be changed but within the
25mb. 125 kW from Trincomalee. I will advise in the next few days.

BTWay the Sinhala 1630-1830 UT will also continue on 11750 kHz which is
not every day of the week though. Well, for this new service I will
assist anyone with good reports, helpful reports to get your QSL card.

[Later]  If anyone in the Gulf, Middle East would like to recommend a
frequency I will seriously consider it. I will of course check with
the remote receivers in the area and select a few and see if they
tally with yours, and if so give credit and use it. :)

CRI toooo strong on 11900 kHz, so I will not agree to the suggested
freqs. of 11890 and 11910 kHz, when the band has many free slots.
:) Like 3.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7K, Aug 5, WRTH F_B via dxld Aug 8)

TAIWAN   The bc of RTI Taipei in Russian at 1700-1800 UT on 11955 kHz with
double problem. Not only the Issoudun's so called "tractor" sounded
effect, but there is unexpected unidentified bc on around 11955.1 kHz with
some "yell" or like "home vacuum cleaner". Observed first in June 26 & 27
in July, in August 1st & 2nd, 10 & 11th. It is no related with Issoudun
because the jamming sound is heard from 1130 UT on 11955 kHz during the
CRI SoEast Service, later over Iran and also from 1800 hrs over AWR in
Arabic. One of the best DXer in Russia Mr. Pape wrote it is maybe SSB
transmission ws.

The Chief of Russian sce of RTI Mr. V. Samoilov said in "Mailbox" that is
maybe local jamming ...
{rather local Sofia electromagnetic interference there, wb.}
around Sofia, Bulgaria. Please help with some idea.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via WWDXC BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

UAE   13585  KBS World Radio - via Babcock Al Dhabbaya relay site to
Ce&WeAfrica, at 2002-2100* UT on Aug 9, man announcer with Arabic language
news program with mentions of "Washington" (presumably talking about North
Korea situation). Station ID in English at 2013 UT followed by language
lesson and other features. Fair to good.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 14)

U.K.   MSF 60 kHz outage - a reminder

Annual maintenance: 14 - 31 August 2017.

The annual maintenance shutdown of the MSF service to allow safe
maintenance of the masts and antennas, including greasing of the stays,
will take place between 14 August and 31 August 2017.

The service will be off-air from 08:00 to 19:00 BST (07:00 to 18:00 UTC)
each day, including weekends.

If the weather is unsuitable for work to be carried out, then the service
will not be turned off. If the work is completed sooner than 19:00 BST on
any day, the service will be restored as soon as possible.

The MSF 60 kHz standard-frequency and time signal, broadcast by Babcock on
behalf of NPL.
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Aug 15)

U.K.   11615  Afia Darfur Radio via Babcock Woofferton at 1821 UT on Aug
12, in Sudanese Arabic with a man being interviewed via telephone followed
by a music bridge and a man with brief talk with a definite mention of
"Darfur" and a woman interviewing a man via telephone at 1823 UT. Good.
(Mark Coady, Selwyn, Ont-CAN, via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

UK/OMAN/UZBEKISTAN   7445, July 30 at 0054 [scheduled WOF 0030-0100 UT],
nice ME song at S8, adding to all the music stations on 6, 7 and 9 MHz
this evening. 0056 UT talk sounds Farsi but must be Dari, mottoes(?) with
music interludes, and one ID-like in passing, sounds like "Sedoye Sama",
0059 UT mentions Afghanistan and off at 0059.5* UT.

HFCC shows BBCWS via Babcock Woofferton-UK, but the Afghan service
alternating Pashto & Dari is to continue from Oman [0100-0300 UT]
on 7445 kHz until 0330 UT
[which 0300-0330 UT is coming from Tashkent-UZB site instead, wb.]
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 8)

USA   17775, August 2 at 1359, unlike yesterday, KVOH is already on and
poorly audible at S7-S5, music and English sign-on.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 8)

17775.0  on Aug 15 at 1359 UT, KVOH guitar IS, English ID and sign-on as
"17775", 1401 UT into Spanish. Aug 11 it was on 17777 kHz, but did not get
around to checking which was in use on next broadcast Aug 14.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 14)

17774.981 kHz measured in NY and FL-US SDR remote stations, wb. Aug 4.

USA   3185  WWRB, noted in passing at 0953 UT on Aug 4 with sermon, fair.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, via Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

USA   History - KGEI  Redwood City.

Sometimes history is hidden in plain sight or site ? as is the case of a
blockhouse-shaped building located, appropriately, on Radio Road in the
Redwood Shores area of Redwood City.

There is no plaque to remind the few visitors to the area that the two-
story building played an important role in World War II:

It housed the transmitter for shortwave radio station KGEI, which was the
only voice from home for GIs fighting from island to island in the

Among other accomplishments, the station broadcast Gen. Douglas
MacArthur's "I have returned" speech that fulfilled his promise to
return with victorious American troops to the Philippines, occupied
by Japanese forces since 1942.

KGEI: A forgotten WWII radio story, By Jim Clifford.

(via Mike Terry-UK, dxld Aug 15)

USA   KVOH tour photos from NASB meeting in May 2017:

(via gh, dxld Aug 8)

9265   WINB  onAug 3 at 2157 UT, WINB with gospel huxter address, and the
carrier is *really* wobbling now. One wonders how much longer the old
transmitter will survive. This useful historical roster, but not up to


shows the only WINB transmitter is a 50 kW Continental 417B from 1962year.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 8)

7504.957v-AM,  on Aug 6 at 0110 UT, WRNO is S=9+30dB and varying slightly.
Had not bothered to log this lately. Woman is talking about out-of-body,
near-death or even death experience at hospital.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 8)

7489.932-AM, UT Monday Aug 14 at 0604 UT, rock music, very poor, so
replacing 'The Other Side of Midnight'? No, talk from that resumes at
0606 UT. They must leave a ToH news hole, but there was none.
WBCQ program guide *still* fails to include TOSOM which started months
ago, 04-07 UT Sun & Mon only. Until recently, 7490 kHz had been slightly
on the plus side.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 14)

VANUATU   7259.941, on Aug 5 at 1205 UT, talk at very poor level on off-
frequency characteristic of R. Vanuatu; nothing on 7260.0 kHz now.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Aug 8)

VATICAN STATE   15570  Vatican Radio - via SMG Santa Maria di Galeria, at
1605-1630* UT on Aug 2, man announcer speaking in the Swahili language
with numerous mentions of "Christo". Short vocals selection and more
religious talk. IS at closedown. Fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7)

ZAMBIA   Voice of Hope Africa, Lusaka. From 29th July this station
has modified its program schedule from Monday to Friday, according
with an e-mail received from the Station;

"This week we have changed the schedule, and now run 1600-1900 UTC M-F
on those frequencies. We also added 9680 & 11680 0500-0800 UTC M-F.
Details at:


Consulting this website, this is the program schedule:
Before 29th July:

Monday to Friday
1630-2200 on 4965 and 6065 kHz

After 29th July:
Monday to Friday
0500-0800 on 9680 and 13680 kHz
1600-1900 on 4965 and  6065 kHz

Saturday and Sunday remains unchanged as before 29th July:
Saturday 1200-1700 on 9680 and 13680 kHz

Sunday 1200-1730 on 9680 and 13680 kHz

Actually, Sunday is:
1200-1700 on 9680 & 13680
1700-1730 on 9680 only (Ray Robinson, KVOH, ibid.)

6065, Voice of Hope, Lusaka, 1852-1900*, 03-08, religious songs,
ID "From Zambia, this is The Voice of Hope Africa, broadcasting on 6065
and 4965 kHz, This is The Voice of Africa closing down". 34433.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, dxld Aug 8)



A newly published article on the Numbers Research and Information
Centre website:

"Our site has various articles and documents showing the use of numbers
stations. Yet, never before have we had an account from a person who has
'worked at the numbers stations'. This person whose name we will not
disclose has shared his story in working in foreign radio transmission
base six decades ago. While his story carefully conceals what was the
station and to whom it broadcasted, it tells us the basics of numbers
stations operation."


(via August BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine direct and via dxld Aug 

DARC DXNL 2054 (Aug 18, 2017)

                Editor: Klaus Poels, DL7UXG

            translation by: Oliver Bock, DJ9AO

5W, Samoa:
     Bert/CX3AN will be active as 5W0HA from Upolo between the 19th and
     26th on 40 and 30m (CW), and 20 and 17m (SSB). QSL via CX3AN.

7P, Lesotho:
     Quintus/ZS2KU and Vaughan/ZS2VR will be operating from the Sani
     Pass Region (WW Loc. KG40pk) between Aug. 18 and 21 on 40, 20, and
     15m as 7P8QM and 7P8VRR. QSL via homecalls, 7P8QM also via LoTW.

A3, Tonga:
     Masa/JA0RQV is going to activate Niuatoputapu Island (OC-191) as
     A35JP/p between the 17th and 22nd. QRV on 80-6m (CW, SSB). QSL via
     JA0RQV, LoTW, ClubLog OQRS.

CE, Chile:
     The special event station XR2017DXC will be active around the
     meeting of Chilean DXers on Aug. 19/20. QSL via CE7PGO (d/B), LoTW.

CE9, Antarctica:
     Raj/VU3LBP remains active from the Antarctic station Bharati (WAP
     IND-04, WW Loc. MC80co) until November 2017. QSL via I1HYW.

G, England:
     Members of the Medway Receiving and Transmitting Society (MARTS)
     are planning to get on the air during their annual field day event
     between Aug. 16 and 27 with the calls G5MW, G2FJA, and G8MWA. QRV
     on 80m to 70cms (SSB, CW, digital modes). QSOs count towards an
     award, see:

K, United States of America:
     The following special event calls will be active in the context of
     the upcoming total solar eclipse:
       Aug. 17-21: W9E
       Aug. 19-26: W0C
       Aug. 20-22: N0S, N7E
       Aug. 21-22: K7E
       Aug. 19-21: W7S
       Aug. 18-22: W9S
       Aug. 13-26: N4C
       Aug. 20-24: W9J
       Aug. 20-21: AA0RC
       Aug. 21: W4E, N9E, K9HAM, K0E, N4S.
     For QSL directions and other information see and:

SP, Poland:
     HF700LUB celebrates the 700th anniversary of the city Lublin until
     August 2018. QSL via SP8AB.

RA, Russia:
     R270ENG, R1942P, and R1747PS are all marking the founding of the
     city Engels 270 years ago. QRV between Aug. 21 and 27. QSL via
     UA4CGR (d/B).

YB, Indonesia:
     Padang, the capital of West Sumatra, celebrates its 348th
     anniversary this year. YB348P is going to bring this event onto the
     HF bands (SSB, CW, digital modes). For QSL information see

     YB67TJG marks the founding of the province Jawa Tengah (central Java)
     67 years ago. QRV from the 20th until the 27th, including operations
     from the Borobudur Central Java Amateur Radio Fair 2017.
     For QSL information see:

     YE1Y is going to operate in the context of the Anyer Krakatau
     Culture Festival on Aug. 19.

Costa/IZ7GXB on the Balkans:
     Costa/IZ7GXB plans to visit a number of countries there and operate
     according to the following itinerary:
       Aug. 21 - 25: Z38/IZ7GXB from Macedonia
       Aug. 25 - 29: ZA/IZ7GXB from Albania
       Aug. 29 - Sep. 03: 4O7GXB from Montenegro
     QSL via IZ7GXB (d/B), LoTW.


Jean/5T0JL - Silent Key:
     Jean Lewuillon/5T0JL, well known DX operator, passed away on Aug. 8.

S2, Bangladesh, AS-127 und AS-140:
     Derek/G3KHZ, Hans/SM6CVX, Axel/DL6KVA, Steve/G4EDG, Tuhin/S21ED,
     and Anup/S21T are planning to activate AS-127 and AS-140 during the
     second half of October. More information to follow.

9G, Ghana:
     Peter/S54W, Drago/S59A, Renato/S57UN, Borut/S57GM, Uros/S57SU,
     Rado/S59ZZ, and Alex/OZ7AM will be active from Kokrobite (WW Loc.
     IJ95tl) between Nov. 21 and 29 (including the CQWW DX CW Contest)
     as 9G5W. They hope to set up several rigs on 160-10m (CW, SSB,
     RTTY). QSL via S59ZZ, ClubLog OQRS.

HB0, Liechtenstein:
     Tina/DL5YL and Fred/DL5YM will be returning to Liechtenstein and
     sign HB0/homecalls between Sept. 21 and Oct. 7 on 160-6m. They are
     also going to participate in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest.

Abbreviations in this DXNL:
ARLHS    Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
DFE      Diploma Faros Espanoles
DIP      Diploma das Ilhas Portuguesas
DME      Diploma Municipios de Espana
DOK      Distrikts-Ortsverbands-Kenner
ILLW     International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
IOTA     Islands on the Air
LoTW     Logbook of the World
OQRS     Online QSL Request System
PIP      Portuguese Islands Plaque
USi      United States Islands Awards
WAB      Worked All Britain
WAP      Worldwide Antarctic Program
WCA      World Castles Award
WLOTA    World Lighthouse On The Air Award
WRTC     World Radiosport Team Championship

Upcoming Contests:
19./20.08.             SARTG RTTY Contest
19./20.08.             RDA Contest
19./20.08.             North American QSO Party
19./20.08.             Keymen's Club of Japan

IOTA     Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON (

CW:  28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

AF-064; ZS, Western Cape Province South West group: (Update!): Due
     to unexpected changes of circumstances the activation of Robben
     Island had to be postponed to Aug. 18-20. Ops on 80-10m (SSB, CW,
     digital modes) are Jan/ZS1VDV, Paul/ZS1V, Andre/ZS1AN, Johan/ZS1A,
     Pierre/ZS6A, and Oleg/ZS1ANF. QSL via M0OXO.

EU-034; ES0/3, Hiiumaa/ Saaremaa/ Laanemaa County group:
     Pasi/OH2MZB and Simo/OH2HAN will be active from Hiiumaa Island
     (WLOTA 2017) as ES0HAM between the 17th and 21st. QRV on 80-10m
     with a focus on RTTY (+ some SSB). QSL via OH2HAN (d/B).

EU-080; EA1, Pontevedra Province group: Rene/DL2JRM will be
     operating as EA1/DL2JRM from Arosa Island between the 16th and 18th
     on 80-10m. QSL via DL2JRM (d/B).

NA-015; CO/KG4, Cuba: The Punta Maya Lighthouse (ILLW CU-0005,
     ARLHS CUB-032, WLOTA 0032, WW Loc. EL93cd) will be activated by a
     large team during the ILLW with the call T45FM. Operators are
     CO2KL. QSL via RW6HS (d).

NA-157; KL, Valdez Cordova County East group: Mikhail/VE7ACN is
     going to activate Kayak Island (WW Loc. BO79qt) between Aug. 18 and
     28 as NL6/AA7CH on 160-10m. QSL via VE7ACN (d/B), ClubLog OQRS.

OC-128; DU1, Palawan Island: Dale/KE0BRZ is going to operate from
     Palawan Island as DU1/KE0BRZ between Aug. 18 and 22, mainly on 20m
     (SSB) with a QRP rig. QSL via homecall (d), LoTW, eQSL.

Lighthouse Activities
International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend 2017:
     The upcoming weekend sees this year's edition of the International
     Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW), with close to 400 activations
     already registered:

Portland Bill Lighthouse - UK0073:
     GB1PBL will be active from Portland Bill Lighthouse (UK0073, ARLHS
     ENG-273, WLOTA 2880, WAB SY67, GFF-0331). QSL via G1OCN (d).

Lightship Mary Mouse 2:
     GB1GL, operated by members of the Fareham and District Amateur
     Radio Club (FDARC), will be active from the lightship Mary Mouse 2
     on AUg. 19 (09z to 1830z) on HF and VHF. QSL only via eQSL.

Farol da Ponta Ferraria PT0021:
     A team from the Nucleo de Radioamadores da Armada, under the
     direction of Pedro/CT8ABY, activates the LH Farol da Ponta Ferraria
     (ARLHS AZO-008, DIP AZ-002, PIP AC-002, WLOTA 2016, WW Loc. HM77bu)
     on Sao Miguel Island (EU-003) as CR1FF on HF (CW, SSB). QSL via
     CS5NRA (d/B).

Lighthouse Cabo Carvoeiro - PT0002:
     Another team of the Nucleo de Radioamadores da Armada, headed by
     Antonio/CT1CZT, is going to operate from the LH Cabo Carvoeiro (WCA
     CT-01000, ARLHS POR-006, WW Loc. IM59hi) as CR5CC. QSL via CS5NRA

Moritzburger Leuchtturm - DE0021:
     Members of the DARC from Chemnitz (DOK S54) will be active from
     this lighthouse signing DM2C/LH and handing out the special DOK
     20SAEK. QSL via bureau, eQSL.

Faro Cabo Vilano - ES0002:
     EA1RG, EA1HNP, EA1NT, DL2JRM, and DO6XX will be activating the LH
     Faro Cabo Vilano (ARLHS SPA-056, DFE D-1736, DME 15016) with the
     callsign EG1LWV. QSL via EA1HNP (d/B).

Fluegge Lighthouse - DE0008:
     Wolfgang/DH3WO, Mathias/DJ2HD, Ewald/DJ2BQ, and Dietmar/DL3DXX will
     be operating from Fluegge Lighthouse (EU-128, ARLHS FED-085,
     GLHA-19) with the call DA2017LH on 80-10m (SSB, CW), handing out
     the special DOK (ILLW17). QSL via DJ2HD (d/B).

LHs Brunsbuettel DE0108 to DE0113:
     Ruedi/DF1AG, Udo/DG6LAU, and Herbert/DH2BAD aim to activate 6
     lighthouses around Brunsbuettel (ILLW DE.0108 - DE0113, ARLHS
     FED-052 - FED-057) as DA0LHT (special DOK ELH17). QSL via bureau.

Berck sur Mer - FR0014:
     A group of German hams (Stefanie/DL7DHL, Hans/DJ8EI, Stefan/ DJ5KX,
     Engelbert/DK2YA, Dietmar/DK5OPA, and Dirk/DL7DSW) will be active as
     TM0BSM from Berck sur Mer (ILLW FR0014, ARLHS FRA-159). QSL via

Lighthouse Jaroslawiec - PL0014:
     3Z20ILLW will be operating from the LH Jaroslawiec (WW Loc. JO84gm,
     ILLW PL0014, ARLHS POL 009, SPPA - Z LA, PGA - LA 05). QSL via
     bureau or direct.

Betul Lighthouse - IN0021:
     Members of the Goa Radio Amateurs Society (GRAS) are announcing an
     activation of the LH Betul on 40-10m (SSB, CW, digital modes) with
     the callsign AU2LH. QSL via VU2YQ (d), ClubLog, LoTW.

Lighthouse Isla Aguada - MX0009:
     Operators from the Radioexperimentadores de Campeche are going to
     put the LH Isla Aguada on the air as 4A3AA. QSL via XE3AA (d/B).

Newhaven Lighthouse - UK0190:
     The Newhaven Fort Amateur Radio Group and the Downland Radio Group
     will be active as GB0NL from Newhaven Lighthouse (WAB TQ40). QSL
     via GB0N (d/B), eQSL.

WWFF Activities

CW: 28044 24894 21044 18084 14044 10124 7024 3544 kHz
SSB: 28444 24944 21244 18144 14244 7144 3744 kHz

Craig Lake State Park - KFF-1494:
     Michael/W8MSC is going to activate this reference on Aug. 20/21 on
     40 and 20m (SSB and PSK).

start      - end        DX              DXNL
18.08.     - 21.08.     3Z20ILLW        2054*
13.08.     - 19.08.     4A2MAX          2053
19.08.     - 20.08.     4A3AA           2054*
29.08.     - 03.09.     4O7GXB          2054*
01.01.     - 31.12.     5P90EDR         2021
           - 08/2017    5R8SV           1897
           - 02/2018    5T2AI           1977
19.08.     - 26.08.     5W0HA           2054*
01.10.     - 30.09.19   5Z4/DL2RMC      2008
           - 12/2018    6W1SU           2012
18.08.     - 21.08.     7P8QM           2054*
18.08.     - 21.08.     7P8VRR          2054*
28.07.     - 26.08.     7Y0A            2053
01.01.     - 20.01.18   8J1RL           2021
01.04.     - 31.03.18   8J1YAC          2035
01.04.     - 31.10.     8J2016Y         2034
01.06.     - 31.03.18   8J2Y            2047
01.06.     - 31.12.     8J2YAF          2043
01.01.     - 20.01.18   8J60JARE        2021
01.05.     - 31.08.     8J7FESTA        2040
04.06.     - 28.02.18   8N0IIDA         2045
01.04.     - 31.03.18   8N3H70Y         2041
01.08.     - 05.11.     8N4KJ           2052
03.06.     - 31.12.     8N4KL           2046
01.04.     - 31.03.18   8N60JLRS        2036
07.08.     - 19.08.     9A/IK1WEG       2052
09.08.     - 19.08.     9H3BW           2053
01.12.     - 12/2018    9M2MRS          2024
           - 10/2019    9Q6BB           2012
           - 30.12.     9X0JW           2004
14.01.     - 31.12.     A31MM           1973
17.08.     - 22.08.     A35JP/p         2054*
20.08.     - 21.08.     AA0RC           2054*
17.08.     - 21.08.     AU2LH           2054*
19.08.     - 20.08.     CR1FF           2054*
19.08.     - 20.08.     CR5CC           2054*
18.08.     - 20.08.     DA0LHT          2054*
19.08.     - 20.08.     DA2017LH        2054*
09.01.     - 31.12.     DB20ENERGY      2025
01.01.     - 31.12.     DC500LS         2023
13.10.     - 12.10.     DF0WRTC         2011
01.01.     - 31.12.     DK60HERTEN      2022
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL1250BRET      2022
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL40MFR         2026
01.01.     - 31.12.     DL500ML         2023
20.12.     - 19.12.     DL60NEU         2022
01.05.     - 30.04.18   DL60TELF        2038
01.03.     - 31.12.     DM1517L         2030
           - 28.02.18   DM200LFS        2035
19.08.     - 20.08.     DM2C/LH         2054*
01.01.     - 31.12.     DM5LUTHER       2023
           - 02/2018    DP0GVN          2015
01.01.     - 31.12.     DQ200WESER      2023
01.01.     - 31.12.     DQ70PEINE       2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     DR0HARZ         2024/2030
01.01.     - 31.12.     DR1517LU        2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     DR25MDK         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     DR500MLE        2023
01.01.     - 31.12.     DR5LUTHER       2023
01.02.     - 31.12.     DR60PAS         2031
01.01.     - 31.12.     DR60SAL         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     DR60VKL         2021
18.08.     - 22.08.     DU1/KE0BRZ      2054*
07.08.     - 25.08.     E51GHS          2052
01.04.     - 31.12.     E770BAB         2044
16.08.     - 18.08.     EA1/DL2JRM      2054*
01.01.     - 31.12.     EI11WAW         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     EI22WAW         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     EI33WAW         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     EI44WAW         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     EI55WAW         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     EI66WAW         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     EI77WAW         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     EI88WAW         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     EI99WAW         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     EM500L          2023
27.01.     - 31.12.     EN90IWA         2029
26.05.     - 30.10.     EN90QDG         2044
17.08.     - 21.08.     ES0HAM          2054*
16.08.     - 27.08.     G2FJA           2054*
16.08.     - 27.08.     G5MW            2054*
16.08.     - 27.08.     G8MWA           2054*
14.08.     - 21.08.     GB0BLH          2053
19.08.     - 20.08.     GB0NL           2054*
19.08.     -            GB1BL           2054*
19.08.     - 20.08.     GB1PBL          2054*
01.08.     - 31.08.     GX4BJC/a        2051
01.01.     - 31.12.     H2017PFO        2026
01.07.     - 30.06.18   HA60FMV         2048
01.01.     - 31.12.     HB600NVF        2036
01.08.     - 31.10.     HC8/G8OFQ       2051
15.08.     - 08/18      HF700LUB        2054*
           - 2017       HL2/F4AAR       1837
01.07.     - 31.12.     II2FIST         2047
20.07.     - 20.08.     IM0/I0PNM       2050
           - 31.12.19   J28ND           2035
           - 01.09.19   J28PJ           2004
21.08.     -            K0E             2054*
21.08.     - 22.08.     K7E             2054*
21.08.     -            K9HAM           2054*
           - 2016/17    KH9/KJ6GHN      1885
01.01.     - 31.12.     LA1742K         2032
01.01.     - 31.12.     LM80Q           2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     LM80REX         2021
01.07.     - 30.08.     LY17LP          2047
01.01.     - 31.12.     LZ45YE          2023
01.08.     - 31.08.     LZ55UPB         2051
01.01.     - 31.12.     LZ73TRC         2023
01.08.     - 31.08.     MX1SWL/a        2051
20.08.     - 22.08.     N0S             2054*
13.08.     - 26.08.     N4C             2054*
21.08.     -            N4S             2054*
20.08.     - 22.08.     N7E             2054*
21.08.     -            N9E             2054*
18.08.     - 28.08.     NL6/AA7CH       2054*
01.01.     - 31.12.     OF100FI/x       2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     OH100FIN        2021
04/17      - 11/17      OK1DLA/p        2034
19.04.     - 31.12.     OM500R          2038
01.08.     - 31.12.     OM50SPSEKE      2051
01.01.     - 31.12.     OM685RADOLA     2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     OP17HC          2021
01.08.     - 31.08.     OP17L           2051
01.01.     - 31.12.19   OU0POLIO        1919
01.01.     - 31.12.     OV90EDR         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     OX90EDR         2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     OZ100DVI        2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     OZ1AARHUS       2029
01.01.     - 31.12.     OZ44C           2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     OZ7D            2021
01.01.     - 31.12.     OZ90EDR         2021
01.08.     - 28.11.     PA50LELY        2051
01.01.     - 31.12.     PG400TH         2023
01.06.     - 31.08.     R110A           2044
21.08.     - 31.08.     R1382M          2051
21.08.     - 27.08.     R1747PS         2054*
21.08.     - 27.08.     R1914P          2054*
21.08.     - 27.08.     R270ENG         2054*
01.08.     - 20.08.     R870K           2051
04/17      - 03/18      RI1ANO          2034
           - 31.12.     S5100LIONS      2035
01.01.     - 31.12.     S557E           2021
06.07.     - 31.12.     SC40VIC         2049
01.04.     - 31.12.     SC90SM          2036
01.08.     - 03.10.     SN0MPW          2052
01.05.     - 31.12.     SN100F          2039
01.08.     - 03.10.     SN1944W         2052
01.07.     - 31.12.     SN250A          2047
01.06.     - 30.04.18   SN5PSK          2044
23.07.     - 31.08.     SN60CIS         2052
01.06.     - 30.11.     SP660K          2046
14.08.     - 17.08.     SV8/TA3J        2053
27.06.     - 29.09.     SV9/WB2GAI/p    2047
19.08.     - 20.08.     T45FM           2054*
19.08.     - 20.08.     TM0BSM          2054*
22.04.     - 20.10.     TM160BF         2037
01.01.     - 31.12.     TM17PGM         2022
18.09.     -            TR8CA           1902
15.08.     - 05.09.     TX5EG           2053
02.06.     - 03.09.     TX5JF           2044
           - 2018       TY2CD           1914
           - 10/2018    TY2SN           1957
01.07.     - 30.09.     UE80AR          2053
01.02.     -            V31YB           2026
01.07.     - 30.09.     VI4ALARA        2047
           - 04/2018    VP8DPJ          2014
01.07.     - 30.06.18   VR20....        2047
19.08.     - 26.08.     W0C             2054*
21.08.     -            W4E             2054*
19.08.     - 21.08.     W7S             2054*
17.08.     - 21.08.     W9E             2054*
20.08.     - 24.08.     W9J             2054*
18.08.     - 22.08.     W9S             2054*
01.02.     - 31.12.     XM1150CAN       2029
           - 31.12.     XO1X            2033
19.08.     - 20.08.     XR2017DXC       2054*
19.08.     -            YB348P          2054*
20.08.     - 27.08.     YB67JTG         2054*
01.08.     - 17.08.     YB72RI/0        2053
01.08.     - 17.08.     YB72RI/1        2053
01.08.     - 17.08.     YB72RI/2        2053
01.08.     - 17.08.     YB72RI/3        2053
01.08.     - 17.08.     YB72RI/4        2053
01.08.     - 17.08.     YB72RI/5        2053
01.08.     - 17.08.     YB72RI/6        2053
01.08.     - 17.08.     YB72RI/7        2053
01.08.     - 17.08.     YB72RI/8        2053
01.08.     - 17.08.     YB72RI/9        2053
19.08.     -            YE1Y            2054*
01.01.     - 31.12.     YV50ARV         2023
21.08.     - 25.08.     Z38/IZ7GXB      2054*
25.08.     - 29.08.     ZA/IZ7GXB       2054*
05/17      - 05/2020    ZL7DX           2040
05/17      - 05/2020    ZL7QT           2040
           - 05/2018    ZS8Z            2017
18.08.     - 20.08.     ZS9V            2054*
01.08.     - 30.08.     ZY158CAT        2053
02.08.     - 01.09.     ZY30ODM         2053

*  = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
3Z20ILLW                              (d/B)
4A2MAX                                (C), (L), (e)
4A3AA             via    XE3AA        (d/B)
4L0GF             via    F5RAV
4O/IK4LZH         via    IK4LZH       (d/B), (L), (e)
4O/IU4ICT         via    IK4LZH       (d/B), (L), (e)
4O7GXB            via    IZ7GXB       (d/B), (L)
4X0B              via    4X6ZM        (d/B), (L)
5P90EDR           via    OZ1ACB,      (L), (C), (e)
5R8SV             via    G3SWH,       (L)
5T2AI             via    NI5DX
5W0HA             via    CX3AN
5W0RR             via    ZL1BQD
5Z4/DL2RMC        via    DL1RTL       (d/B)
6W1SU             via    M0URX
7P8QM             via    ZS2KU,       (L)
7P8VRR            via    ZS2VR
7Y0A                                  (C), (O)
8J1RL             via    (B),         JG2MLI (d), (L)
8J1YAC            via    (B),         JE1XUZ (d)
8J2016Y                               (B)
8J2Y                                  (B)
8J2YAF                                (B)
8J60JARE          via    (B),         JG2MLI (d), (L)
8J7FESTA                              (B)
8N0IIDA                               (B)
8N3H70Y                               (B)
8N4KJ                                 (B)
8N60JLRS          via    (B),         JQ6FQI (d)
9A/IK1WEG         via    IK1WEG       (d/B)
9A161NT           via    9A7R
9H3BW             via    DF6MS
9M2MRS            via    PA0RRS       (d/B), (L), (e)
9N7AE             via    LZ3SM
9N7ES             via    LZ3SM
9Q6BB             via    W3HNK
9X0JW                                 (e)
A31MM             via    EA5GL,       (L)
A35JP/p           via    JA0RQV,      (L), (C), (O)
A92AA                                 (d)
AL3/AA7CH         via    VE7ACN
AT5M              via    VU2MUD,      (C)
AU2LH             via    VU2YQ        (d), (L)
CP1XRM            via    EA5RM        (d), (L)
CP6GR             via    DF9GR
CR1FF             via    CS5NRA       (d/B)
CR5CC             via    CS5NRA       (d/B)
DA0LHT                                (B)
DA2017LH          via    DJ2HD        (d/B)
DB20ENERGY        via    (B),         DM2DX (d), (C)
DC500LS           via    (B),         DM2AJK (d), (e)
DF0WRTC           via    DJ9MH        (d/B), (L), (C)
DK60HERTEN                            (B)
DL1250BRET                            (B)
DL40MFR                               (B)
DL500ML                               (B)
DL60NEU           via    (B),         DC1MAS (d), (e)
DL60TELF                              (B), (L), (e)
DM1517L                               (Q)
DM200LFS                              (B), (L), (e)
DM2C/LH          (B), (e)
DM5LUTHER         via    DJ6SI        (d/B)
DP0GVN            via    DL5EBE       (d/B)
DQ200WESER                            (B)
DQ70PEINE         via    (B),         DK5AX (d), (L), (e)
DR0HARZ           via    DF5AN        (d/B)
DR1517LU                              (B), (e)
DR25MDK                               (d/B)
DR500MLE                              (B)
DR5LUTHER                             (B)
DR60PAS                               (B)
DR60SAL                               (B)
DR60VKL                               (B), DH1VY (d), (C)
DU1/KE0BRZ        via    KE0BRZ       (d), (L), (e)
E51GHS            via    F4GHS
E770BAB           via    E71EZC       (d/B)
EA1/DL2JRM        via    DL2JRM       (d/B)
EA5/DL5EO         via    DL5EO        (B)
EG8ESJ            via    EA8URL       (B), (L)
EI/ON5GS          via    ON5GS        (B)
EI11WAW           via    (B),         EI6AL (d), (C), (O)
EI22WAW           via    (B),         EI6AL (d), (C), (O)
EI33WAW           via    (B),         EI6AL (d), (C), (O)
EI44WAW           via    (B),         EI6AL (d), (C), (O)
EI55WAW           via    (B),         EI6AL (d), (C), (O)
EI66WAW           via    (B),         EI6AL (d), (C), (O)
EI77WAW           via    (B),         EI6AL (d), (C), (O)
EI88WAW           via    (B),         EI6AL (d), (C), (O)
EI99WAW           via    (B),         EI6AL (d), (C), (O)
EM500L            via    UR6LLC
EN90IWA                               (e)
EN90QDG           via    UR6QR
ES0HAM            via    OH2HAN       (d/B)
FH/DJ9RR          via    DJ9RR        (B)
GB0BLH                                (B), (e)
GB0NL                                 (d/B), (e)
GB1BL                                 (d)
GB1PBL            via    G1OCN        (d)
GB2RN                                 (B)
GB3RS                                 (B), (e)
GB8YA                                 (L)
GJ4PVM                                (L), (e), (C)
GW4WND                                (d/B), (L)
GX4BJC/a          via    G6XOU        (d/B), (e)
H2017PFO          via    5B4AIE       (d), (C), (O)
HA60FMV                               (B)
HA67MAV                               (L), (e)
HB600NVF          via    HB9JOE       (d/B), (L)
HC8/G8OFQ         via    G8OFQ        (d/B), (L)
HF0HERTZ          via    SP5PPA       (B)
HF2017TSR         via    SP1PBT       (B)
HF23BSC           via    SQ6DGB       (B)
HF700LUB          via    SP8AB
HF73AK            via    SP8MMW       (B)
HG160RAIL         via    HA5GY        (B)
HG17EYOF                              (d)
HG60JLO           via    HA8KW        (B)
HL72V             via    HL3EPH       (B)
II2FIST           via    IZ2FME       (d/B), (L)
II3WW             via    IQ3BM        (B)
IM0/I0PNM         via    I0PNM        (d/B)
IQ5QO/p           via    9A8MDC       (B), (L)
J28ND             via    S57DX
J28PJ             via    F1TMY
JD1BOI            via    JI1LET
JW/DL4AOJ         via    DL4AOJ
K0E                                   (d)
K7E               via    W7EB         (d)
KH6SAT                                (d), (L), (e)
KH7XS                                 (d)
KL7HBK                                (d/B), (L)
KP4TF                                 (d)
LA1742K           via    LA6K         (B)
LM80Q             via    LA9VDA
LM80REX           via    LA9VDA
LY17LP                                (d/B), (L), (e)
LZ45YE            via    LZ1YE        (d/B)
LZ55UPB           via    (B),         LZ1KCP (d)
LZ73TRC           via    LZ1YE        (d/B)
MX1SWL/a          via    G6XOU        (d/B), (e)
N0S                                   (d/B), (L)
N4C               via    K4SGR
NL6/AA7CH         via    VE7ACN       (d/B), (C)
OF100FI/x         via    OH2BAD
OH0Z              via    W0MM
OH100FIN                              (B)
OK1DLA/p          (B), (e)
OM500R                                (Q)
OM50SPSEKE        via    (B),         OM8AND
OM685RADOLA       via    OM3CND
OO6A              via    ON4RUB       (d/B), (L)
OP17HC            via    ON7PP
OP17L             via    ON6DP,       (L)
OU0POLIO          via    OZ1ACB       (d/B)
OV90EDR           via    OZ1ACB,      (L), (C), (e)
OX90EDR           via    OZ1ACB,      (L), (C), (e)
OY/CT1BWW         via    EA4URE       (d/B)
OZ100DVI          via    OZ1IVA       (d/B)
OZ44C             via    5P2BA        (d/B)
OZ7D              via    OZ1ACB,      (L), (C), (e)
OZ90EDR           via    OZ1ACB,      (L), (C), (e)
PA17YLEC          via    PA1ENG
PA38EU            via    PH9GFB       (B)
PA50LELY          via    PA3HEB       (d/B)
PG400TH           via    PA3ETC
R110A             via    RU3WR
R1747PS           via    UA4CGR       (d/B)
R1914P            via    UA4CGR       (d/B)
R270ENG           via    UA4CGR       (d/B)
RI1ANO            via    RN1ON        (d/B), (L), (C)
S5100LIONS        via    S53DOX
S557E             via    (B),         S50O (d), (L)
SC40VIC           via    SM6JSM       (d/B)
SC90SM            via    SK5SM        (B)
SN0MPW                                (d/B), (Q)
SN100F            via    SP5CGN       (d/B), (e)
SN1944W                               (d/B), (Q)
SN250A            via    SP9KUP       (d/B)
SN5PSK            via    SP9MZX       (d/B)
SN60BG            via    SP9PGB
SN60CIS           via    SP9PNB
SP660K                                (C), (O)
SV8/TA3J          via    TA3J
SV9/WB2GAI/p      via    WB2GAI       (d/B)
T45FM             via    RW6HS        (d)
TM0BSM            via    DL0AD
TM12FAJ           via    F5KHP        (B),
F8BMG                                 (d), (e), (C)
TM160BF                               (B)
TM17PGM           via    F4FCE        (d/B)
TM50KOK           via    F4HIK        (B)
TP4CE             via    F5LGF
TR8CA             via    F6CBC
TX5RG             via    F6BCW
TX5JF             via    F6CTF        (d/B), (e)
TY2CD             via    N4GNR        (d), (L)
UE80AR            via    RN1ON        (d/B)
V31YB                                 (L)
VI4ALARA                              (C), (O)
VK9AA             via    HL2UVH
VP8DPJ                                (e)
VP9HQ             via    KU9C         (2017)
W4E               via    KC4DV
W9E                                   (d/B), (L)
W9J               via    KB9POR
XE3ARV                                (d)
XM1150CAN                             (B), (L), (e)
XO1X              via    KC1CWF
XR2017DXC         via    CE7PGO       (d/B), (L)
YB348P                                (Q)
YV50ARV           via    YV5DTA,      (L)
Z38/IZ7GXB        via    IZ7GXB       (d/B), (L)
ZA/IZ7GXB         via    IZ7GXB       (d/B), (L)
ZL7DX                                 (d)
ZL7QT                                 (d)
ZS4JAN                                (L), (e)
ZS6ZA                                 (d/B), (L), (e)
ZS8Z              via    ZS1LS        (d)
ZS9V              via    M0OXO
ZY158CAT          via    PP2BO        (d)
ZY30ODM           via    PR7DZ        (d/B)

(d) = direct   (B) = bureau ok  (L) = LoTW           (O) = OQRS
(C) = ClubLog  (e) = eQSL       (*) = new manager    (Q) = QRZ.COM

* QSL via LoTW: CR6K, EI8JX, EJ8KO, J49A, M8C, MI5I, OF100HQ, RJ17CW, RK17CW, RU17CW

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  VA3RJ, KB8NW & OPDX-Bulletin, CO2AME, DF6EX (fuer WIN-QSL), DG6LAU,
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